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Hair Replacement: Does is Work? and How Much Average Cost and Side Effects

Many men and women around the world struggle with hair loss for a variety of reasons, perhaps due to aging factors, genetics, or medical conditions. Having beautiful hair is a dream, but how to deal with it? Hair Replacement: Does it Work? and How Much Average Cost and Side Effects, know the answer in this article.


What is Hair Replacement Surgery?

Hair replacement surgery is an action that involves exfoliation where hair grows which is usually found on the back of the head and attaches to small size at the front of the head to overcome thinning or baldness of the hair.

Also referred to as hair transplantation or follicle transplantation. Hair growth is the same as tree growth. The hair begins to develop from the roots, which are located on the deeper part of the dermis, then to the follicles, which are part of the skin.

Every hair is nourished by nutrients taken by blood flow through blood vessels including capillaries connected to the roots. As the hair is fed, the hair will grow and therefore increasingly visible on the scalp.


How does the hair replacement system work to hide hair loss?

It works by strategically attaching new hair to hair that you will never lose. In most cases hair loss in both men and women, not all hair loss. Of course, there are exceptions to each rule, but again in most cases, there are only certain areas on the scalp that lose hair.

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It is with this rest of the hair that the hair replacement system can be installed. The hair replacement system will then hide the area of the scalp that has lost hair. It’s very simple.

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Risk Factors for Hair Loss

Several factors can increase a person’s risk of hair loss including:

  • Family history of baldness.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Sonication and supplements.
  • Radiation therapy in the head.
  • Age.
  • Stress.
  • Drastic weight loss.
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Health conditions such as diabetes or lupus.
  • Use unsuitable hair care products.


Hair Replacement: Does is Work? and How Much Average Cost and Side Effects

Hair Replacement: Does it Work?

Hair transplantation is one of the effective ways to overcome baldness and thinning hair because it gives results that look more natural. Some of the most common operating actions are:

Hair grafts

This action involves the removal of the scalp that has hair. The transplanted skin depends on the needs of the area of action.

For example, a transplant at the hair limit requires less hair than the one in the middle of the head. A special method used is called follicular unit surgery in which hair is transplanted one by one.


Flap operation

The surgeon creates a flap (lifting the scalp off the surface without releasing it completely) and transplants it into a new area by sewing it to keep it in place.


Follicular Unit Extraction

Also known as FUE, this action is a variant of the unit’s follicular operation. In this action, hair is taken per unit to reduce the appearance of scars.

Hair grafting is a long-lasting process, and depending on the specific operation, it may take several hours to a full day to complete. Facial surgeons, who perform such surgeries, can perform at least a thousand grafts on patients per operation.

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Although most of the hair is obtained from the back of the head, body hair can also be considered if the donor’s area of origin has a limited amount of hair.


How much average hair replacement cost?

The price of a hair transplant will depend heavily on the amount of hair you move but usually ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. Most insurance plans don’t cover it. As with any type of surgery, transplants have several risks, including bleeding and infection.


Who can perform transplant surgery?

Hair replacement surgery is perfect for people who have hair loss problems such as androgenetic baldness. Also known as male pattern baldness, the condition is characterized by thinning or baldness of the hair, which if observed up close is seen following a certain pattern.

This condition is associated with hereditary or genetic factors. If a close family member has this problem, it is most likely that the male patient also has it.

This action is also recommended for men and women who experience thinning or baldness of hair due to age factors.

When a person reaches the age of 50, his hair follicles may eventually stop growing, which can then lead to baldness. People with high hair limits may also have thin hair or baldness on the front of the head.


How Hair Transplant Surgery Works

Local anesthesia is administered before the action begins for the patient’s convenience. However, sedatives or even total anesthesia may be required.

The surgeon selects the best follicle source on the back of the head. As much as possible, scars should be easily camouflaged by natural hair.

Once the best donor area is found, the area is numbed to reduce pain and then removed using a scalpel. Then, the rest of the scalp is closed.

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From the scalp with the follicles removed or removed, the surgeon then divides them into small grafts, each with several strands of hair. Sometimes the graft can contain up to 40 strands while the other is only 1 or 2.

The laboratory separates this hair with a unit of the follicle. It is a unit that grows on each scalp. Contrary to common belief, follicles can shed more than a strand of hair. In full action, hair is taken as a unit of the donor area. That is why this process takes so long.


Possible Complications and Side Effects

This is generally safe if performed by professional and licensed technicians and surgeons. It is normal to feel numbness, discomfort, and pain after surgery. It can even last for a few days but will subside over time.

As with surgery, this action creates a wound, which can serve as a bacterial entrance, which can then lead to infection. Doctors usually give medication to prevent this.

In addition to hair loss due to new areas that make the hair unaccustomed, transplanted follicles may not be able to survive, meaning even new hair growth will also fall out.



Some people can shake the bald look, and some feel insecure about their bald spots. Everyone loves beauty and has the right to try everything they like.

This is solely their choice, the Hair Replacement System takes a little time to get used to but this is a much better option than other hair loss solutions.

Roughly you’ll be charged under $1000 a year to always have the perfect hair. We believe you may know some people who use the Hair Replacement System without you noticing.

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