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How Fast Can a Mosquito Run and Flap its Wings

Various types of diseases carried by mosquitoes have killed thousands of people every year around the world. It is not wrong if the mosquito is considered the deadliest animal, eating more victims than sharks or tigers. Then, do you know how fast can a mosquito run and flap its wings? Let’s take a closer look at this article.

During the rainy season, there are many types of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, mosquito girl we often encounter because she is very fond of human blood.

Some insect bites need to be alerted, especially if they cause severe reactions such as dengue fever, malaria, Zika, and filariasis. As for the type of anopheles, it is very well known to spread malaria in one bite.


How high do mosquito fly

In general, mosquitoes that bite humans prefer to fly at an altitude of fewer than 25 feet. The Asian Tiger mosquito was found breeding in a tree hole more than 40 feet above the ground. In Singapore, they were found in a 21-story apartment on the ground.


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At what height are there no mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes do not like the height, there is a ‘Mosquito Line’ at about 2200 meters ( 7,200 feet ), on it you will not get mosquitoes or many other flying insects.


How fast can a mosquito run

Although mosquitoes seem fast when you try to hit them, they are slow aviators. The average flight speed from mosquitoes is 1 to 1.5 miles per hour, which is slower than butterflies, bees, and almost every other flying insect.


Can you outrun mosquitoes?

You should be able to outrun the bloodsuckers, in theory. Mosquitoes fly at speeds of one to 1.5 miles per hour, and can only maintain that speed for about 10 minutes before they need a break, according to Joseph Conlon, technical advisor to the American Mosquito Control Association.


What is the difference between a female mosquito and a male mosquito?

Female mosquitoes have a smoother physique and do not have antennae. Unlike male mosquitoes, female mosquitoes will feed on high protein blood to produce eggs. This is why after marriage male mosquitoes need to drink and eat blood. Without blood nutrients, then he can not reproduce.


Types of mosquitoes carrying dangerous diseases

Aedes Aegypti

Aedes aegypti, just hearing his name alone can make people feel the horror of dengue fever.

This mosquito provides its terror for people, especially during the rainy season where puddles are abundant and transmission is very fast.

The time of activity of these mosquitoes from morning to noon.

When one person has dengue fever, the surrounding location should be sterilized immediately to prevent more dangerous transmission.

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In addition to dengue fever, Aedes aegypti is also popular with the nickname yellow fever.

The characteristic of the body of this mosquito is its size that reaches 4-7 mm and has white stripes on its body.

In addition to both diseases, the mosquito also has the potential to spread the Zika virus.


Aedes Albopictus

Aedes albopictus has the nickname Asian tiger mosquito and has characteristics very similar to Aedes aegypti.

Seen from the human naked eye, this mosquito has the same color and pattern as Aedes aegypti.

The difference is that the smaller size is about 2-6 mm and there is a white line on the thorax.

This mosquito is known to spread the dengue fever virus, yellow fever, and usutu virus.


Culex mosquitoes

Culex habitats are dirty waters such as sewers and the like, whether grounded or not.

However, it does not close the possibility that clean puddles become the habitat of these mosquitoes.

In contrast to Aedes aegypti, this mosquito is more active in the night until the morning.

The disease carried by this mosquito is the West Nile virus (WNV).



Psorophora is a mosquito that has a native habitat in the Americas. The size of this mosquito is not the same as a mosquito in general, which is 6 times larger than the size of a regular mosquito.

It is said that the mosquito bite is as painful as being stabbed with a knife. These insects are notoriously voracious and become very annoying pests.

Unabashedly, the time of activity from day to night. This mosquito has the potential to spread arbovirus or a type of virus commonly spread by mosquitoes.


Mosquito Anopheles

Anopheles, the name of the mosquito that is no less popular than Aedes aegypti, because this mosquito is a carrier of malaria. Malaria is transmitted through plasmodium carried by anopheles mosquitoes.

So far four types of plasmodium can infect humans: Plasmodium vivax, plasmodium malariae, plasmodium ovale, and plasmodium falciparum.

Plasmodium falciparum is a very dangerous type of plasmodium, which can even be life-threatening.

Seeing its spread, malaria is transmitted by female anopheles mosquitoes and one bite alone can potentially transmit.

Unlike Aedes aegypti, anopheles mosquitoes only attack in the morning and evening.


Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

The world’s deadliest animal mosquito

Mosquitoes are widely known as the deadliest animals in the world that cause death in humans when compared to other animals such as sharks or snakes.

These tiny insects are known to kill more than 700,000 people each year and are the leading cause of infectious diseases around the world, including Dengue, Zika, and Malaria.


Only female mosquitoes bite humans

Generally, the main food of male and female mosquitoes are nectar and other sweet substances mostly obtained from plants.

However, male mosquitoes feed enough on nectar for energy and survival, since they do not need additional protein substances to lay eggs.

While female mosquitoes need additional protein by eating human blood and at least twice a day to lay eggs. Human blood consists of proteins and amino acids that are essential for female mosquitoes to produce and develop their eggs.

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There are 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide

Mosquitoes can be found anywhere near where humans live, be it in the tropics or subtropics, except in the coldest area in the world – Antarctica.

According to data from the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA), there are more than 3,000 different mosquito species found around the world, of which about 457 can be found in different regions of Indonesia.

Although some of them are known not to bite, there are at least 3 species of mosquitoes known as the main vectors of dangerous diseases in Indonesia, including:

  • Aedes mosquito
  • Mosquito Anopheles
  • Culex mosquitoes


The existence of mosquitoes has been found since the dinosaurs

Who would have thought that mosquitoes had existed since the time of the dinosaurs, with evidence of the discovery of fossils of these biting insects identified as dating from the Triassic or Triassic period that occurred between 199 – 251 million years ago!


Mosquitoes can remember the smell emitted by the human body

What you read above is true! A scientific study in a biology journal published in 2018 revealed that mosquito brains consist of dopamine levels that teach mosquitoes what to avoid, and where they should go or go.

The study also proves that mosquitoes are not only attracted to human smells but also have the ability to quickly learn and remember odors emitted by the human body.

Mosquito preferences can also easily change if the human smell they are aiming for emits a smelly sensation that they do not like. Mosquitoes will also tend to avoid individuals who behave defensively or try to hit them no matter how sweet their smell.


Mosquitoes need water to complete their life cycle

Mosquitoes undergo a perfect metamorphosis that includes aquatic and terrestrial phases in four different stages, including eggs, larvae, cocoons, and adults.

Although all types of mosquitoes need water to breed, each type of mosquito has a different breeding habitat from the other.

  • Aedes aegypti prefer to breed in calm, clean water sources
  • Unlike the Aedes aegypti species, the Anopheles mosquito lays eggs in dirty or polluted water and does not need calm and clean water to lay eggs


how fast can a mosquito run and flap its wings


Mosquitoes are not able to live for a long time

No one likes to deal with mosquitoes, but the good news is that mosquitoes are not able to live long enough! On average a mosquito can survive in 10 – 56 days depending on several factors.

Factors that affect the length of life of mosquitoes include:

  • Species of mosquitoes
  • Sex (female mosquitoes live longer than male mosquitoes)
  • Weather and climate conditions
  • Natural predators in the environment

Although the lifespan of mosquitoes is relatively short, they can also quickly complete each stage of their life cycle. The life cycle of mosquitoes takes only 8 – 10 days from the egg process to adult mosquitoes. Therefore, do not be surprised if mosquito disturbances always feel not reduced at all times around you.

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Mosquitoes have no teeth

Mosquitoes do not have teeth to bite their victims. However, they have tube-shaped, needle-like proboscis or proboscis that can penetrate human skin when sucking blood without us even realizing it.


Mosquitoes are weak aviators

Many mosquito species weigh only about 2.5 milligrams and are generally unable to fly above 25 feet. This is the main reason why mosquitoes are considered weak aviators in the category of flying insects.

One of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in the house is to turn on the fan at high speed indoors. Strong winds blown by the fan make it difficult for mosquitoes to land safely on the open human body.

In addition to being useful for eliminating mosquitoes at home, the use of a fan is also useful to reduce body heat and sweat which becomes sensory information for mosquitoes to be able to detect human presence.


Mosquitoes do not fly far from the breeding ground

If you think that mosquitoes often fly and travel far, then you are wrong! Mosquitoes usually will not fly and travel more than a mile from their habitat or breeding grounds in search of food.

Therefore, eliminating mosquito breeding grounds immediately around your property is the best way to reduce the number of mosquito populations that are around you.


How to Repel Mosquitoes Safely and Naturally

Cinnamon Oil

It’s pretty easy. You just need to mix water to taste with cinnamon oil. Then pour the mixture into the spray bottle.

After that, you can spray the liquid on places that you think are often mosquito nests in your house.



How to repel mosquitoes using basil is not difficult. Simply place the washed basil leaves in places that become mosquito nests, such as hangers, corners of the house, and so on.


Using Lemongrass

You can put the burnt lemongrass on a glass vase or ceramic that is not flammable. That way, it will be safe to do so. Replace lemongrass after burning out if you feel there are still mosquitoes in your house.


Coffee Grounds

Pour coffee grounds on vulnerable areas and often become nests of mosquitoes and various other insects. However, keep the home environment clean by cleaning the place of the former coffee grounds.


Use mosquito nets

This mosquito net material is arguably appropriate to avoid mosquito bites. Mosquito nets are fabrics that have small tight holes and have a falling nature that is not easily open at the bottom.


Avoid dark paint colors

The color of paint on a room is influential in repelling mosquitoes because mosquitoes prefer to be in a dark room. Therefore, it is best to avoid using dark colors on the room wall paint.

Some colors are believed to be disliked by mosquitoes. The three colors are green, white, and yellow tanned. Maybe you can use the color to be applied to the room wall.

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