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How Fast Can a Roundworm Run: OMG Unbelievable!!

What do you know about worms? Most people assume that worms are just animals that live on the ground, even strange because of their elongated shape and very mushy texture. But do you know How Fast Can a Roundworm Run: OMG Unbelievable!!


What are roundworms?

Roundworms or those with the Latin name Ascaris lumbricoides are parasites that infect the intestines. In this organ, worms often referred to as stomach worms will stay, forage, and reproduce.

Infections caused by roundworms are referred to as ascariasis. Everyone can get infected with this worm.

However, residents living in slums and densely populated areas are usually more vulnerable because of access to clean water and awareness of maintaining clean and healthy living behaviors.


Worms are often found in wet areas and there is a lot of soil and plants. Do You Know Just How Much”Weight Of Typical Worm” Know about it?


What’s the size of a roundworm?

Roundworms are much larger compared to other worms that infect the body. Adult female roundworms can grow up to 20-35 cm and adult male worms can grow 15-30 cm.


How fast can roundworms grow?

Under ideal conditions, this takes about four weeks.


How to reproduce roundworms

Unlike flatworms that are primarily hermaphrodite, roundworms have certain hermaphrodite species and sexes, with sexual reproduction being the dominant means of reproduction.

In roundworms of a certain sex, intercourse occurs between males and females; while the hermaphrodite roundworm fertilizes its eggs.

Some roundworms give birth to live cubs, but most release their eggs into various habitats. Eggs develop into larvae and depending on the species, can change skin several times before ripening.


How Fast Can a Roundworm Run: OMG Unbelievable!!

Roundworms move through the host’s internal environment by thrashing their bodies using long muscles that only allow parasites to move sideways. Roundworms can’t crawl.


Are roundworms dangerous to humans?

Although many flatworms and roundworms live freely, there are parasitic forms of flatworms and roundworms that cause disease in humans.

Bloodworms are flatworms that cause schistosomiasis, which ranks second only to malaria in terms of morbidity and mortality, worldwide.

Other disease-causing flatworm parasites include lungworms and liver worms.

Roundworms that cause disease include Ascaris, a large intestine worm that can grow as big as a pencil, as well as mineworms and whipworms.


How Fast Can a Roundworm Run: OMG Unbelievable!!


What does a roundworm look like?

In feces, adult roundworms and mineworms will appear as parasites small to large in shape, pale white to brownish.

Human infection with roundworms and mineworms is possible. Tapeworms will appear as small segments of pale white color until browned in the stool or attached to the hair around the genital area.


How quickly do roundworm symptoms appear?

Symptoms of the early phase. They usually start 4 to 16 days after swallowing eggs and last up to 3 weeks. They include high temperatures (fever) of 38C (100.4F) or more.


How can a person be infected with roundworms?

You can get infected with roundworms if you accidentally swallow worm eggs from contaminated water or food. The size of this worm egg is very small, so it can not be seen by the naked eye.

Worm eggs can also enter the digestive tract if you touch the mouth after fingering the soil or other contaminated items without washing your hands first.

If you are already infected, then roundworms will lay eggs in the intestines. When you defecate, the egg will come out and it can spread to others. For example, after urinating, you do not wash your hands and instead shake hands with others. Then, the person also immediately touches his mouth after shaking hands with you.

Not everyone infected with roundworms will feel symptoms. However, the more worms that are in your body, the more symptoms will usually get worse.


Symptoms of a roundworm infection

When worm eggs get into the body, you may not immediately feel the symptoms. Symptoms will usually only appear after the worm begins to grow. Symptoms of the disease caused by roundworm infection include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • No appetite
  • There’s a worm in the stool.
  • Vomiting
  • Growth disorders in children
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Irregular urination

In severe conditions, roundworms can move from the intestines to the lungs and cause symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Chest pain
  • Coughing until you want to vomit
  • Bloody phlegm out
  • Shortness of breath
  • The breath sounds loud


Complications of worm infection in the stomach if left untreated

In some cases, roundworm infections can also cause complications, such as:

Intestinal blockage

If the abdominal worm develops so large and in large quantities, then there can be blockages in the intestines. If it happens, then you should get treatment immediately. Because this condition can be dangerous for the body.


Blockage of the organ canal

Worms that grow uncontrollably in the body can also clog the ducts leading to the liver or pancreas.


Causes malnutrition

Roundworm infection can make appetite reduced and absorption of nutrients in the body disrupted. In children, this condition can inhibit growth in the long run.

According to the CDC, severe infections can cause intestinal blockages and disrupt growth in children. Other symptoms such as coughing can also occur due to the migration of worms throughout the body.


Treatment of roundworm infection

Treatment is usually only done in cases that cause symptoms. Not infrequently, roundworm infections can subside on their own after some time. Doctors usually treat these infections using antiparasitic drugs, such as:

  • Albendazole
  • Ivermectin
  • Mebendazole

The drug usually needs to be taken for 1-3 days for the worms in the stomach to completely die. In some people, this drug can trigger diarrhea and abdominal pain.

In the case of a very severe infection, the doctor may perform surgery to remove the worms from the body. During surgery, the doctor will also repair organ damage due to this parasite.


Prevent the spread of roundworms with this step

Roundworm infections can be prevented as long as you lead a clean and healthy living behavior well. Here are simple steps that are important to take so that you do not get infected with parasites.

  • Always wash your hands after urinating
  • Diligently wash your hands at other times, especially before and after meals
  • Clean all foodstuffs before cooking
  • Wash all cutlery and cooking utensils thoroughly
  • If you are not sure of the cleanliness, boil the drinking water first until it boils before consuming it
  • Keeping the bathroom clean
  • If possible, do not bathe in public toilets
  • Not eating raw food

By maintaining cleanliness, you will not only avoid roundworm infections but also other diseases such as viral and bacterial infections. Therefore, make this a daily habit that is not only done when it is already sick. Remember, preventing is always better than cure.

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