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How Long Can a Thawed Turkey Stay in The Fridge: And How To Tell If The Turkey In Your Fridge Is Bad

Recently I saw a tip that you can thaw frozen Turkey in brine, and I wanted to give it a try. I plan to thaw Turkey for 3 days in the water cooler. For more information you know in this article is How Long Can a Thawed Turkey Stay in The Fridge: And How To Tell If The Turkey In Your Fridge Is Bad.

Is frozen turkey only sold in supermarkets?

While fresh turkey is available online and in many grocery stores, many people choose to buy frozen birds instead, depending on how big it is, frozen turkey can take a few days to thaw in your fridge. Planning can help prevent problems on the day.

I’ve never brined before, so I was a little worried about over-brining and turning my turkey into porridge. The bird we got this year is just under 6 kg, and the package says it melts for 3-4 days.

Everything I have found so far says for a brine for 1-2 days. Should I plan to start using brine about halfway through the liquefaction process? Instead of all the time, or will the bird be frozen at first preventing brine from doing its magic from the beginning, thus preventing porridge?

How Long Ideally Turkey Meat Is Good in Store in the Refrigerator?

Unlike red meat, raw Turkish meat can only last for a day or two in the fridge. But if stored in the freezer, turkey meat pieces can last up to 9 months. If in the whole form can last about 1 year if frozen.

Why should the thawed turkey not be frozen again?

For cooked Turkish meat, the rules of storage time are not much different from red meat. Refrigerators can store processed poultry meat for 3-4 days, and 2-6 months when stored in the freezer.

After removing the stored or frozen meat in the refrigerator, immediately process everything so that there are no leftovers to be frozen again.

Refreezing raw meat that has been thawed can degrade the quality of the meat and make it rot quickly.

So before putting it in the refrigerator, divide the portion first so that when going to cook, you just need to remove and dilute as necessary.

How to Thaw Frozen Turkey?

There’s only one safe, easy, and great way to thaw a frozen turkey, and it’s in the fridge.

It is safe because it stays cold all the time, thus preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

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This is a very easy way because you don’t have to do anything. The turkey just sits in the fridge and melts by itself.

Several other methods may be technically safe. But one of them is not easy, and the other is not as good as in, it will do bad things to turkeys, and make you have used different techniques including:

Melt it in the Refrigerator

Thawing in the fridge is the only recommended way to thaw a frozen turkey. However, to make it work, you’ll need a lot of time:

  • 24 hours flower disbursement time for every 2 kg turkey
  • Turkey 9 kg, it is necessary to spend 4-5 days in the refrigerator.

Which means you have to plan. If you can arrange it, the turkey will be golden brown and delicious.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Make sure that your refrigerator is at 40 F or cooler
  • Leave the turkey in the original wrap
  • Place the turkey on a tray or in a saucepan to pick up the leaking juice
  • Keep it at the bottom of your fridge so that any leaks won’t contaminate anything below
  • Leave 24 hours for every 2 kg of frozen turkey meat.

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? But if you don’t have enough time, and don’t want to try baking it while it’s still frozen, you can always try the cold water method. But be prepared for work.

Melt it in Cold Water

You can safely thaw the frozen turkey in a sink full of cold water, but it won’t be easy. The problem is, it should allow 30 minutes of liquefaction time for every kg of frozen turkey and you should keep water 40 F or colder all the time.

That means monitoring the temperature with an instant thermometer and changing the water every half hour. Now, speak up when you find a problem with using this method.

A thermometer is a device that uses an electronic heat sensor to record body temperature either through the mouth, armpits, or rectum.

For a very large turkey, such as 9 kg that can take 10 hours or more to thaw, you should change the water every 30 minutes for 10 hours. That’s 20 water changes!

Aside from the fact that you have better things to do with time, the biggest disadvantage to this method is that after 3 hours it will loosen and stop replacing the water, and end up with a salmonella bomb soaking in the kitchen sink.

Also, you do not need to simply add fresh water from the tap, and it should be colder than 40 F. If the water coming out of the tap is warmer, it should add ice to lower the temperature.

Also, you should make sure that the turkey remains fully submerged. If floating should weigh it. And if the sink is too small, this method will not work.

And whatever you do, don’t try to thaw the turkey in hot water.

Not only turkey can be thawed but I also have information about How Long is Thawed Chicken Good For? And Can The Chicken That Has Been Thawed From The Refrigerator Be Re-Freeze is a long-term event to raise chickens safely.

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how long can a thawed turkey stay in the fridge: and  How to Tell If the turkey in Your Fridge Is Bad

Facts to avoid in thawing a frozen turkey

Don’t Try to Melt It in the Microwave

Yes, the normal temperature of your turkey will be thawed, if that’s what you care about.

For example, if you plan to use it as a soccer ball, or maybe cook it and feed it to some wild animals.

But if you plan to present it to others, this is not a good method to use. Difference in the number of watts, power level, minutes per kg, and other variables, the most likely result for this method of defrosting is a turkey still frozen in parts, while already cooked in other parts.

That’s if you can even put the turkey in the microwave, which obviously can’t. Take the tape measure now, and take measurements of your microwave opening. He’s about 8 inches tall, right? There’s no way you’re going to put a frozen turkey through an 8-inch opening.

And even if you can (for example you have a 7-inch turkey), you do not need to use this method in the first place. You are better off using the cold water technique, where your small turkey will be thawed in a few hours.

Don’t Dilute Room Temperature

Thaw frozen turkey on the kitchen table, dining room table, or in another room in your home, large or not.

Besides the fact that it is, let’s say, inappropriate to thaw a Thanksgiving turkey in some random bedroom, thawing turkey at room temperature is a terrible practice.

Uncooked or frozen turkey meat should not be left at room temperature for more than two hours. Longer than that and you just ask for a case of food poisoning. So, don’t even think about this one.

The following should also be noted to keep the meat fresh as long as it is stored

  • In addition to considering the length of time to store meat, some other things that are no less important for you to pay attention to before processing meat are as follows.
  • It is best to cut the meat while it is still fresh before storing it
  • Store raw meat in a clean, tightly sealed container
  • When purchasing packaged meat, follow the storage instructions listed on the packaging
  • Check the expiry date before processing the packaged meat. Throw it away if it’s stale or rotten
  • Separately cooked meat and raw meat when stored in the refrigerator
  • Label the date and name of the meat to know when it starts to enter the refrigerator, as well as to be easily distinguished from other meats.

Safe tips for the future

And it’s all there for it. As you can see, melting a turkey weighing 9 kg in the refrigerator can take the better part of the week. So plan! A little preparation will ensure that it is not faced with turkeys that are still frozen on Thanksgiving morning.

How do I know that turkey is rotten in the fridge?

Refrigeration machines or freezers are often rated as helpers for housewives storing their food. Usually, refrigeration machines are used to preserve ready-made food to preserve raw materials such as meat.

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It is not uncommon for a person to store groceries in the freezer for a long time such as three days to a week. Although inside the refrigeration machine but the food is also prone to natural decay.


A person can freeze almost anything usually frozen food safely indefinitely, but after a while, they will not taste good when melting and cooking it. Make sure the food is stored in a freezer bag and let the excess air out of the bag before sealing. Because there are several things that one needs to pay attention to to see if the food is still in good condition or not.

Freezer burn

Under certain conditions, freezer machines can give a clear sign when food is no longer good for consumption. In Turkey, for example, there will be different conditions.

Freezer burn reveals mottled meat on it that looks gray or brown. This is due to the air coming into contact with the surface of the meat, it is still safe to eat, but the quality and taste are not good.

The discolored proteins include pork, fish, and chicken. The taste will be less good after cooking.

Texture changes

Texture changes are indeed one of the signs of rotten food when stored in the freezer. Usually, the first time vegetables are put in the freezer is still fresh and blooming but will look dull and slimy when stored too deep in the freezer.

Although it is still safe to consume the vegetables will not be good to cook. But it is different if it happens to chickens. If the color of the chicken looks dull and slimy should be discarded and no longer be processed.

Bad smell

Before cooking the ingredients stored in the freezer it is good to smell the ingredients. If the foodstuff already has an unpleasant smell, it should no longer be processed.

Preserving food in a refrigeration machine can be done with proper storage in a tight bag or container. When there is not the slightest air in the bag, it can avoid food from unpleasant odors.

Make sure the storage time is

The inevitable habit of storing food in a freezer is its storage time. Someone should label a stored food package to find out when it’s in the freezer.

If a person forgets when the food is stored, it is best to undo the intention to eat it back or cook it.

There is a puddle

When the turkey is so attached and there is a layer of ice around it, food is no longer good for consumption. The ice sheet around the material has most likely melted before.

This causes some points in foodstuffs to begin to be disturbed and are no longer safe to consume.

Torn packaging

Torn packaging will probably make food worse when stored for too long in the freezer. Before cooking it, one should also pay attention to how many rips are contained in the packaging.

If the packaging has small tears and only a little, the decay in turkey may be lost when naturally burning. However, it is recommended that the food be discarded if the number of tears is sufficient.

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