How Long does it Take for Flu Symptoms to Appear: Treatment, and How is the Flu Spread

How Long is Flu Contagious After Fever Breaks

The flu can be transmitted regardless of whether you’re suffering from a fever. It’s still possible to spread the virus for between five and 7 days even when your fever is not apparent in the early hours. The time needed to stop being contagious is simply an issue of your position in the seven-day timeframe.


How is the Flu Spread

Person to Person

The primary way in which influenza viruses are believed to spread is through passing from one person to the other through the respiratory droplets from the cough and sniffles. It can happen when drops of a cough or sneeze of an individual suffering from the illness are pushed through the air before being dropped into the nose or mouth of others around. Influenza virus can be transmitted if the person contacts respiratory droplets on someone else or on an object, then puts it in their own nose or mouth prior to washing their hands.

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Linens, food utensils as well as dishes of those with illness do not have to be cleaned in a separate manner, however, the items shouldn’t be shared without thorough washing first. Linens (such as sheets for beds and towels) are to be cleaned using laundry soap from the household and then dried by tumble drying using a high temperature.

It is recommended that people avoid “hugging” laundry prior to washing it in order to avoid contaminating them. Hands must be washed with soap and water as soon as they can after washing dirty laundry. When the soap and water are not readily available then they can use an alcohol-based hand rub to wash their hands. Food utensils must be cleaned in the dishwasher or hand washed using soap and water.


Risk Factors and Complications of Flu

In general, a person with this disease can recover without complications. However, if not treated properly, it is possible to cause other health problems and even dangerous complications. The most common complications brought on by the flu can be:

  • Asthma attack
  • Heart disorders
  • Ear infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis

If your symptoms go away and then come back after a few days, you may have a secondary infection. If this happens, it’s a good idea to have yourself checked to make sure. Because, if not treated and cause pneumonia, this disorder can be life-threatening.

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Flu Treatment

Generally, the flu will heal on its own. The treatment steps are adequate rest, drinking lots of water, and keeping the body warm. It is recommended for sufferers to take fever-reducing drugs. Fever-lowering medications can also reduce the symptoms of aches and pains from the flu. Patients are not recommended to take antibiotics because these drugs work to kill bacteria, while the flu is caused by a virus.

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Flu Prevention

As previously explained, the flu can be spread by sneezing or touching objects that have been contaminated with the flu virus. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of flu, cleanliness must always be maintained. Always wash your hands and wear a mask when traveling, especially if someone around you has the flu. Another preventive measure is vaccination, but this method is only recommended for those who are more prone to flu complications.


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