How Long does Nexplanon Hurt After Insertion: And What to Expect After Nexplanon Insertion

How Long does Nexplanon Hurt After Insertion

How Long does Nexplanon Hurt After Insertion. The process of inserting the implant doesn’t cause noticeable or noticeable scarring. You can feel or glimpse the outline of implants beneath the skin after they’ve been placed. Following the procedure, the patient may experience a rash or discomfort for some days. Find out more about How Long does Nexplanon Hurt After Insertion below.

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So, How Long does Nexplanon Hurt After Insertion, find the answer only in the following article.


What you should know about Nexplanon

Nexplanon is among the most basic and simple contraception methods. It is extremely convenient for the long-term prevention of conception and fertilization. Implants are placed through the skin on the arm’s upper part of the individual through a single appointment with the doctor.

Nexplanon is an implant for birth control that is small in size and rod-shaped. It’s approximately the size of matchsticks. This implant blocks fertilization and also the process of conception by releasing hormones in the body.

The implant is put via the skin by a doctor or nurse. The implant remains in the body and releases hormones, thereby providing contraception for five years. Implants release slow and constant doses of hormones so that they will not cause any problems due to hormones being secreted too much.

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This is a convenient method to prevent contraception, and it spares you the stress of remembering to take tablets regularly. If you are thinking about having the nexplanon procedure, you may be wondering How Long does Nexplanon Hurt After Insertion.


How Does Nexplanon Work?

Nexplanon is a form of contraception that is small in size and has a thin rod shape. Its design is similar to the appearance of matchsticks.

An earlier version of the nexplanon is also available and is known as Implanon. Implants are placed through the skin in the arm that is above the patient’s. The implant releases a hormone called progestin, which prevents women from becoming pregnant.

The hormones released by nexplanon can prevent the fetus in two ways. They are:

  • The progestin released through the nexplanon in the nexplanon increases the thickness of the mu layer in the cervix that is the lowest section that forms part of the uterus. The thickening of the mucus lining in the cervix blocks the sperm from getting to the egg or the ova.

Sperms swim through the uterus, waiting to meet an egg or ova in order to fertilize. However, because of the thickening of the membrane of mucus, they are unable to swim and therefore are unable to fertilize eggs. If the sperm does not get to the ova, then fertilization doesn’t occur and therefore, one is not able to become pregnant.

  • The ovaries of women produce an egg, or an ova, which is transferred between the ovary and the uterus via the fallopian tube or uterine tube.
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The process of eggs or the ova leaving the ovaries, and entering the uterus is called ovulation. Sperm meets the ova inside the uterus, and this results in fertilization and birth. If the ova doesn’t make it into the uterus, then the sperm will not be able to connect with the ova.


So, the process of fertilization and pregnancy is not a possibility.

The hormone progestin produced by the nexplanon acts as a contraceptive by blocking the ova from entering the uterus. This means that there isn’t an egg inside the uterus, which can be fertilized by sperm. Therefore, pregnancy doesn’t occur.

One of the great things about the nexplanon is that it’s a reversible procedure. If someone alters their minds and chooses they wish to have a baby then they are able to do this by removing the implant out of their body.

Another benefit of having nexplanon it is a safeguard for a lengthy duration. You can avoid pregnancy for as long as five years when taking Nexplanon. It can relieve a person of the hassle of taking the medication regularly, as well as the anxiety of forgetting the medication.

This is, therefore, easier and more convenient to use since you are able to act on the decision you make. Because it’s reversible and not a permanent procedure, you are able to easily become pregnant after removing it.

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