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How Long is Thawed Chicken Good For? And Can The Chicken That Has Been Thawed From The Refrigerator Be Re-Freeze

Maybe you want to keep chicken for a long time, but it is still in good condition and the nutritional content not lost know more in the article How Long is Thawed Chicken Good For? and Can The Chicken That Has Been Thawed From The Refrigerator Be Re-freeze.

Does frozen chicken degrade quality?

Not because frozen chicken is one type of chicken meat that is very popular among the community and it is very easy for you to find in various places. Basically to store chicken meat by freezing is one way to preserve chicken meat.

The essence of how to preserve chicken meat itself is to be able to maintain the shelf life to be eligible for consumption and can maintain against the quality of chicken meat from damage.

This damage to chicken meat can be caused by chemical, biological, and so on. This damage factor is certainly very difficult to control if without any preservation efforts.

However, the term to preserve chicken meat or other foods is often interpreted by adding a chemical that is certainly very dangerous to health.

Whereas the way to preserve chicken meat has many ways without having to add preservatives, one of which is by freezing. Well, so that the way of preserving chicken meat that you do can be with the maximum method, then I will give the explanation, which is as follows:

Basic Methods For Making Frozen Chicken

From various methods to make freezing chicken meat is a very effective way, safer, easier, practical and also fast. The working system of this freezing is with cold temperatures.

As long as the freezing temperature can be maintained, then the growth in micro-organisms can still be well controlled.

You should know that this system of freezing chicken meat will not kill micro-organisms. And this can only temporarily stop the growth of microorganisms.

When the temperature increases, micro-organisms can develop again. If you want a very perfect chicken freezing system, then it is better to do it with a cold and fast temperature.

Micro-organisms are organisms that are so small that to observe them must require a tool of assistance.

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What about the texture and taste of frozen chicken?

Not only that, but the texture of the frozen material will also change the process. This is due to the change in the shape of foodstuffs from the beginning to a solid form.

This change in shape will destroy cell walls in frozen chicken meat.

Similarly, if the existing chicken meat is frozen by not tightly closed while in a freezer, then this will also cause freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs as a result of the loss of liquid in the meat or from the foodstuff.

Basically, freezer burn will not harm, but chicken meat will later become dry and certainly can reduce the taste when processed into a dish. However, the best solution for those of you who are still confused or do not want to bother to make and store frozen chicken is to buy it in a supermarket.

Is it safe or not to eat frozen meat?

Consumption of frozen meat is just as good, which should be noted is that producers must include a production date to provide certainty that frozen meat products are still new.

There is still a perception in the community that frozen chicken is imported meat, it has been a long time, it is not clear it’s safe and halal. Consumers also think that preserved frozen chicken does not contain vitamins and minerals and is not nutritious.

Frozen and fresh chicken meat in particular has the same safe quality. It takes efforts from various management systems that exist to conduct a public campaign.

Also, research shows frozen meat has adequacy of animal protein nutrition so that the public is confident. The most appropriate strategy how to make the public aware of frozen meat.

Is there a way to safely thaw frozen chicken meat?

When shopping is not only done daily but also weekly or even monthly. Not limited to vegetables and fruits, chicken meat is also one of the commonly purchased foodstuffs in frozen conditions.

Thawing frozen chicken meat safely is essential to ensure delicious taste while avoiding the risk of harmful food poisoning.

How to Melt Frozen Chicken Meat

Before holding the frozen chicken meat, wash your hands thoroughly. Washing hands before and after processing frozen chicken meat are recommended to prevent the spread of germs.

In melting frozen chicken meat, there are several safe ways options, namely:

Let the frozen chicken meat liquid by itself

The first way that can be used to thaw frozen chicken meat is to remove it from the freezer and move it to the bottom of the fridge. It is considered the safest way but has its drawbacks because the process is the longest.

Frozen chicken pieces can melt after one night, while whole chicken takes longer.  Every 2 kg of chicken takes 1 night to completely thaw.

Soak in a container with cold water

Chicken meat is to soak it in water. But beforehand, put the chicken in waterproof plastic.Then, put it in a container of water at normal temperature.

In thawing frozen chicken meat using this method, it is recommended to change the water every 30 minutes, until the frozen chicken meat completely melts. The process of disbursement in this way is faster than the previous way and only takes about 2-3 hours.

Warm-up using the microwave

The third way to thaw frozen chicken meat is to warm it up using the microwave. Using Microwave temperature for thawing frozen chicken is 40-600C.

Avoid thawing frozen poultry Meat in the open, so the chicken meat isn’t contaminated. Therefore, keep the area around the kitchen clean. Also avoid washing the chicken before cooking, because it will contaminate the chicken with harmful bacteria.

What is the nutritional content of frozen chicken?

Is it accurate that frozen poultry meat is much more healthy than fresh chicken meat? New Poultry meat and frozen Poultry meat are alike wholesome if the treatment is performed appropriately, particularly for new chicken meat.

Thawed Chicken

The freezing process does not kill bacteria but only paralyzes their development. One of the drawbacks of frozen chicken is that it has a tougher texture.

More value than frozen chicken meat is

  • Can last up to an annual
  • At -18oC, intact carcasses last up to 12 months
  • While the cut lasts up to 9 months
  • Frozen poultry meat may last up to 1.5 decades.

Not that the decrease in the nutritional value of chicken meat does not exist, there must be, but it can be prevented as much as possible, especially during the softening process before the meat is cooked. To maintain the nutritional content of meat, several ways can be done.

The burning process ought to Be carried out in the fridge at chiller temperature. So, frozen chicken meat that you want to use tomorrow then since last night moves the meat from the freezer to the chiller.

This method is considered safer because, during the softening process, bacteria are still inhibited by cold temperatures. But if you need chicken meat suddenly, then softening by putting frozen chicken meat under the tap water for a while can also be done.

Things to keep in mind!!

Immediately cook the chicken meat after it is softened or thawed, so that the bacteria do not develop anymore.

And avoid refreezing the meat that has been softened, because the bacteria contained in the meat is estimated to have increased.

  • The main purpose of freezing this meat is to extend shelf life.
  • The longer the freeze, the decrease in nutritional value also occurs.
  • Despite the freezing process, the nutritional value of chicken meat has not changed.
  • Nutritional values such as vitamins will drop as the meat is cooked.
  • Here’s how to keep chicken meat fresh even if frozen

Some people because it is still busy or intends not to directly cook it often store this chicken meat in the freezer. But often there is a problem when storing this meat that is the freshness that decreases considerably when it is about to be cooked. It turns out that there is an easy solution to keep your chicken fresh even though it has been frozen, namely by using salt.

Salting the chicken before freezing turns out to keep the meat fresh and even crisper when cooked. As reported by Lifehacker, an experiment was conducted by Cook’s Illustrated to see how the chicken meat changes when frozen.

From the experiment, it is known that when frozen without being salted beforehand, chicken meat loses its freshness and moisture up to 22% when cooked. While when given salt before freezing, the humidity from chickens is only reduced by 11%.

Salting chicken meat before freezing is a good way to keep chicken meat fresh. Also, in this way, salt can be absorbed more optimally in chicken meat so that the taste of meat becomes more savory.

So next you want to keep the chicken in the freezer always remember to give salt first so that the taste can be maintained.

Can the chicken that has been thawed from the fridge be refrozen?

The meat stored in the freezer becomes frozen. When the refrigerator dies within 15 hours, the meat will certainly start to melt or melt. Some say that refreezing melted meat is dangerous. Turns out it’s just a myth.

Refreezing either beef or chicken is very safe to do. However, there will be different flavors when the meat is cooked. Because the meat that has been thawed can be a little mushy.

Here are the time frames and tips for cooking melted chicken

  • First, it is worth noting is the steam freezer. If you are cooking liquid meat and want to refresh it by freezing it, do not put the chicken meat in a container while it is still hot.
  • It can create condensation or condensation from changes in objects so that it can become a breeding ground for bacteria perfectly.
  • Then to eliminate bacteria do not do by washing the meat because splashing water on the meat can increase the risk of harmful bacteria.
  • It is better to do it by soaking it with cold water, then heat the meat above the boiling point to kill the existing bacteria.
  • Also, it is a matter of how long chicken meat is stored in the refrigerator. Meat can still be consumed as long as it is not stored in the refrigerator for more than 12 months.
  • If it has crossed the line, it is better to dispose of the chicken meat.
  • If the beef or chicken is already liquid, you can process it into rendang, meat stew, soup, or soy sauce seasoning. Furthermore, this dish can be stored in a sealed container and put freezer.
  • Choose a type of cuisine that is durable and spiced. Put it in the packaging once serving. If the electricity goes out again, this food can still be warmed repeatedly without losing its delicious taste.

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