How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair: and How to Make Hair Color Last Longer

How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair

To get the perfect hair color, we usually do not hesitate to make more effort. Because hair is the “crown” of appearance every day. For those of you who choose to do the coloring process yourself at home, it is important to know How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair: and How to Make Hair Color Last Longer.


What is bleaching hair?

Bleaching is a method to remove the original hair color. It is usually done through an oxidation process that opens the cuticle layer of the hair so that the hydrogen peroxide substance in the bleaching cream permeates and whitens the hair stem.

The hydrogen peroxide content in bleaching cream also oxidizes hair pigment and removes melanin on each stem. The bleaching process presents its level. The higher the bleaching level, the brighter the color the hair produces.


How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair?

Allow bleaching in the hair, depending on several factors, such as the color and texture of your hair.

Here’s the explanation:


Bleaching on blonde hair takes about 15 to 20 minutes.


Black hair

Bleaching on black hair takes 30 minutes. However, it is recommended that you divide this process into several sessions.


Nice hair

If you have this type of hair, then the time it takes to whiten it is about 10 to 15 minutes. Bleaching will be faster because this type of hair has a thinner cuticle layer.


Coarse Hair

Bleaching on coarse hair usually takes 30 minutes. This hair type is more difficult to manage and may require at least two applications.

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Other factors that can affect the length of time you let bleaching are:

  • Color criteria you want to achieve
  • The previous hair coloring process


How does bleach color hair?

Bleach is an aggressive product. Bleach is used to dye hair by opening the cuticle, dissolving color (melanin) and opening the hair shaft. The longer you leave it, the more protein (keratin) will be destroyed.

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide is the most popular bleaches. There aren’t any other products that can help to prevent damage.

Also, know about Balayage Hair. This can be a reference for those of you who want to change the look of hair color.

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