How Many Ounces Of Water Should I Drink Daily: Is Cold Water Good For Health?

Drinking water and keeping your body hydrated is the key to a healthy body. Water has an important role in the smooth functioning of the body and protects us from various dangerous diseases. Drinking enough water should be a daily habit. However, everyone should pay attention to How Many Ounces Of Water Should I Drink Daily: Is Cold Water Good For Health?


The Importance of Water

Calorie-free water and sugar are the healthiest options to keep your body insufficient fluids while overcoming thirst at any time. Besides, the benefits of drinking water are also enjoyed by various bodily functions, including:

  • Maintain body fluid levels or prevent dehydration, so that the body does not experience impaired digestive function (constipation) and absorption of food, circulation, kidneys, and is important in maintaining a normal body temperature.
  • Help energize muscles and lubricate joints to stay flexible. Fluid imbalance can trigger muscle fatigue.
  • Helps control the body’s caloric intake. Drinking water Is a Lot better At preventing weight gain than beverages that have high calories.
  • Maintain the freshness of the skin by shrinking pores, moisturizing, and adding firmness to the skin.
  • Protects the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues in the body.
  • Helps the process of disposal of food and beverage remains through sweat, urine, and feces. Drinking plenty of water can also be used as a blood urinary remedy due to mild urinary tract infections or small urinary stones.


Is ingesting 100 oz of water per day too much?

Although drinking 3 liters (100 ounces) daily can help you meet your needs, it is not necessary for everyone. Drinking too much water can be dangerous. To make sure you stay hydrated, drink when you’re thirsty and always listen to your body.

Water needs which are fulfilled can encourage your wellness. How Many Cups Of Water Should You Drink A Day What Are The Side Effects If Overdose!


How Many Ounces Of Water Should I Drink Daily: Is Cold Water Good For Health?

Dr. Caroline recommends 64 ounces daily or the equivalent of 1,800 ml (about 1.8 liters) per day.

“I recommend adding 220 ml of water for each person who is overweight as much as 11 kg,” he explained as reported from Byrdie.

Dr. Caroline went on to give a case example if a person is overweight as much as 22 kg of his normal weight, then he needs 1,800 ml of water plus 220 ml at times 2. Thus, the person is advised to drink 2,240 ml (about 2 liters) of water daily. While people of normal weight drink enough about 1.5 – 1.8 liters a day.

He also emphasized, maintaining water content in the body, avoid processed foods and foods high in saturated fats, and still follow a balanced diet. He also suggests carrying a bottle of drinking water wherever you go to stay hydrated.

Although drinking 64 oz of Water daily isn’t a bad thing, it might be that it’s too much or not enough for many people. There are other guidelines, but there is still no correct consensus. There is no official recommendation on how much water to drink each day, perhaps because everyone needs a different amount of water.


Is Cold Water Good For Health?

Some people stay away from ice water because they think that drinking ice water can cause diseases, such as colds and laryngitis. Ice water has a variety of benefits, such as lowering fever, hydrating the body after exercise, overcoming laryngitis and muscle pain, and maintaining skin moisture.

The following are a series of benefits of ice water for health:

How Many Ounces Of Water Should I Drink Daily

Relieves fever and overcomes sore throat

Fever is a Indication that the body Is combating inflammation or infection occurring in the entire body. The hot temperature experienced by the body when fever can be eased in several ways, among others by drinking ice water and wearing comfortable clothes and can absorb sweat.

When experiencing fever and sore throat, the body should also get a good intake of fluids to prevent dehydration. In Cases like This, ice water can be beneficial to decrease.


Hydrate the body after exercise

When exercising, the body temperature will increase. This body warmth will release a Lot of perspiration and create the body drained fast. To help soothe the body and relieve fatigue, try drinking ice water after exercise.


Relieve muscle pain

When experiencing muscle pain due to sprains, ice water can be used to treat the condition. To do this, compress the painful and swollen part with a cloth moistened with ice water.

Ice water compresses can reduce swelling and pain. In addition to ice water, intersperse also with a compress of warm water to smooth the blood flow in the muscles.


Lose weight

Our body will automatically work harder to warm the water drunk, so it also burns calories to support the body’s metabolic processes. Therefore, regular drinking ice water or ordinary water is believed to be able to lose weight.

To gain the desired weight, it is recommended to drink a glass of water or ice water before eating. This can make the stomach feel fuller so that the portion of food consumed can be reduced.


Prevents and relieves constipation

Drinking plenty of water, both cold water and plain water, can help relieve and prevent constipation, especially for people who rarely drink enough water.


Makes it easier for kidney stones to be wasted through urine

Kidney stone disease can be caused by a variety of factors, one of which is the habit of drinking less water. Adequate fluid intake can help the kidneys work to prevent the formation of kidney stones and remove kidney stones that are still small.

If you are tired of drinking plain water, try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to cold water to give it a sour taste. Besides, the sour taste felt due to the presence of citric acid substances in it is believed to inhibit the formation of kidney stones.


Make skin healthy

When not well hydrated, the skin will feel rough, dry, and lose its elasticity. By drinking enough water or ice water, the skin’s health will be maintained.

Some studies have also shown that taking an ice bath or cold water can increase blood flow to the skin, making the skin appear more moist and fresh.

There is no difference between ice water and ordinary water if it has entered the body because the temperature of ice water will be warmed up to like the temperature in the body. Although ice water is beneficial for health, you should still limit its intake. If consumed too much, cold food or drinks can cause headaches.


Best time to drink water

Here are some of the best times to drink water and fill up the missing liquids:

When you wake up in the morning

Drinking water when you wake up in the morning is a must. Besides, it restores the working system of organs and circulatory systems. Drinking water can also restore body fluids lost during your sleep.


After exercise

Usually after exercising the body will feel tired and the heart rate increases. Drinking water will restore your soul and refresh your body. Besides, drinking water can also restore your heart rate to normal and can maximize recovery.


30 minutes before meals

Drinking water before meals is very beneficial not only for health but also for weight loss. In addition to improving digestive work, drinking water can make you feel full thus preventing excessive amounts of calories.


Before bathing

Drinking a glass of water before bathing can lower your blood pressure. It is recommended to drink warm water, blood vessels will widen causing blood pressure to drop.


Before going to bed

Drinking water before bed will keep your body hydrated throughout the night. And it can cleanse your body of all harmful toxins. When the stomach ache comes before going to bed, you can drink water to remove it.


When It Hurts

Drinking plenty of water is a good way in the healing process. Drinking water can hydrate the body and speed up recovery poses.


The body feels tired and tired

If you are tired and tired after working hard, then drink as much water as possible to restore the lost fluids and recharge.

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