How To Choose The Best Coconut Powder and How To Use It

To produce a delicious menu of cuisine, often we need coconut milk. Starting from sweet foods, such as green bean porridge, to gouge requires coconut milk in the processing process. Now you do not have to bother squeezing coconut again to produce coconut milk, because in the market there are many packaged coconut milk available. you will know how to choose the best coconut powder and how to use it.

What is coconut milk powder?

Coconut Milk Powder is coconut milk in the form of a powder made from fresh old coconut fruit that produces quality coconut milk.

It’s like regular evaporated milk, it just doesn’t come from coconut meat. This is evaporated coconut milk and can help in an emergency! I keep a bag of them in my camping trailer. It’s a lot lighter than packing canned coconut milk!


What is a coconut milk powder made from?

Generally, in the market, there are two types of coconut, namely brown and white leather coconuts. Brown coconut skin is commonly referred to as old coconut. The meat is harder and less water. This type is suitable to be processed into coconut milk and coconut oil. Meanwhile, white coconut or young coconut is more suitable to be enjoyed as a fresh drink.


Differences of pure coconut milk/squeeze, instant coconut milk, and coconut milk powder

Pure Coconut Milk/Squeeze

Made from grated real coconut. Generally, use old coconut and thick flesh. It has the best taste and is flexible in all cuisines. However, the duration of storage is short.


Instant Coconut Milk

It has a very thick texture than pure coconut milk. Obtained from the addition of guar gum (galactomannan polysaccharides derived from guar bean seeds. Gom guar has thickening and stabilizing properties so it is widely used in the food industry and other industries) or corn syrup.

Both produce a sweet taste that can simultaneously preserve the life of coconut milk, as well as serve to thicken the consistency of coconut milk. Because it is a little sweet, it is suitable for making sweet confectionery.


Coconut Milk Powder

It is a group of instant coconut milk. Made from coconut that has been through the process of spray dryer (moistened and dried at high temperature) until it is powdered. Packed in aluminum containers and easily soluble if added warm water.

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Differences between coconut milk powder and coconut flour

Both can be used for coconut milk ingredients. Coconut milk powder is made from liquid coconut milk evaporated while dried at high temperatures using a spray dryer machine. This process is the same as the manufacture of powdered milk and needs to be dissolved with warm water before use.

While coconut flour is made from grated fresh coconut that is eliminated moisture content. The coconut is then dried and mashed into finely textured flour. If the texture is rough, in this market it is known as desiccated coconut. Its fat content can reach almost 50% and is used by blending it directly into the diet.


Is coconut milk powder safe to consume?

Coconut milk contains iron which is good for bone development. Besides, the white liquid from the juice of this old coconut fruit contains fats that are good for the health of the body.

Even this liquid can help us in increasing awareness and concentration, suitable for consumption for people who are allergic to milk, helps digestion, helps heart function to be healthier, to be suitable for consumption by vegetarians.

Coconut Milk Powder contains fiber that is good for digestion. This fiber also serves to lower cholesterol levels in our blood. Good content is also contained in omega 3 and 6 content that is suitable for those who are on a diet.

Omega 3 is useful for immunity, increases levels of good cholesterol prevent plaque in blood vessels, and reduces the build-up of fat under the skin. While omega 6 serves to produce energy for the body.


How does coconut milk powder taste?

In general, coconut milk powder has a savory and delicious taste, it is very suitable for use in a variety of dishes.


Where should I buy coconut milk powder?

Now that coconut milk powder has been circulating even worldwide, you can buy it at the nearest supermarket or visit various online store stalls for more practicality.


How to use coconut milk powder to be durable?

Unlike liquid instant coconut milk, instant coconut milk powder is the latest innovation of instant coconut milk type. Due to its powdery shape, the way to use it must be dissolved first with water of the desired amount of measure. Using instant coconut milk powder may be a bit of a hassle, but this instant coconut milk is much more durable. You can buy, unpack, and store them for a longer period of use.


How to choose instant coconut milk

  • Choose by instant coconut milk type
  • Select by package
  • Avoid products with additional dyes and artificial preservatives
  • Consider coconut milk from old coconut options
  • Ensure product safety certification
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Have you heard of Coconut Water Health Benefits for Diabetics, for Men, and for Baby? very healthy and many people are aware of it.


how to choose the best coconut powder and how to use it


Recommendations for various brands of coconut milk powder

Nucifera Coconut Milk Powder

Healthier thanks to organic coconut milk

If you care about the health of your family, there is no harm in using Nucifera organic coconut milk. The raw materials used come from organic coconut fruit without genetic engineering. Not only that, but this coconut milk is also gluten-free, with no additional dyes, and no creamer content.

The special thing about this product again is that it can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk. Just mix a few spoonfuls of coconut milk powder with a glass of water, then enjoy the delicacy. Don’t forget to provide this coconut milk in your kitchen for the health of the family.

  • Type: Coconut milk powder
  • Composition: Organic coconut milk
  • Choice of size: 250 g
  • Certification: P-IRT, LPPOM
  • Price: $3


Tropicana Slim Coconut Milk Less Fat

Successfully diet with coconut milk low in fat and high in fiber

Saturated fat content in coconut milk is classified as high. However, Tropicana Slim instant coconut milk has low-fat content and high fiber. This way, you can prepare different types of healthier foods and drinks. For those of you who are on a diet program and want to taste the delicious coconut milk, we recommend this product.

  • Type: Coconut milk powder
  • Composition: Maltodextrin, coconut powder, skimmed powdered milk, vegetable thickener, NaCl salt, synthetic flavorings.
  • Choice of size: 20 g
  • Certification: Halal, BPOM
  • Price: $1.5


Pure coconut milk powder

Coconut milk has long been valued for its wide range of minerals and vitamins. Our Premium Coconut Milk Powder is made from natural coconut fiber and is a great dairy-free alternative to ordinary creams.

excess coconut milk powder puree:

  • Premium Vegan Creamer Alternative for dairy lovers.
  • Our Pure Organic Coconut Milk Powder is 100 percent natural and pure, without added sugar and Maltodextrin Free.
  • IT IS RECOMMENDED to frappe a delicious and refreshing, pure, or mixed with a favorite smoothie or as a hot drink.
  • Simple and Pure! Our Cool Dry System technology enables the extraction of microencapsulating raw materials in their fibers to maintain exceptional natural taste and benefits.
  • the right choice for those of you who are allergic to casein and milk. It is full of fiber and natural nutrients and is a great dairy-free alternative.
  • No sugar added
  • Lactose-Free Creamer
  • Maltodextrin-free.
  • Very healthy and balanced
  • Original taste
  • Serve HOT or COLD
  • Perfect to add to your favorite shake drinks or smoothies
  • 100 percent natural
  • Prebiotic fibers


  • Type: Coconut milk powder
  • Composition: Organic coconut milk powder (Cocos Nucifera)
  • Choice of size: 226 g
  • Price: $19.95
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Wildly coconut milk powder

This product is dry coconut powder (conventional, not organic powder) that we have been selling to satisfied customers for many years. The powder is 90% pure coconut, with 1% sodium caseinate and 9% maltodextrin. The color is clean white, smooth, smooth, and contains a sweet coconut flavor. It’s so good, a lot of people eat it right out of a spoon!

Coconut milk powder makes it easy and convenient to add coconut milk or cream to any food.

  • Type: Coconut milk powder
  • Composition: Coconut milk, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate
  • Choice of size: 16 oz
  • Price: $14.45



Brand Coconut Powder Natural Foods Organic Coconut Milk Powder All Natural Creamer

Coconut milk powder tastes like fresh coconut milk. It’s organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. No Milk, No Gluten, No Added Sugars, No MSG, No Corn, No Casein, No Sodium Caseinate, No Chemicals, No Soy, No Preservatives, No Lactose, No Wheat, No MSG

  • Type: Coconut milk powder
  • Composition: Organic Dehydrated Coconut Milk, 2.5% Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin (Derived from Organic Yucca Root), and 0.5% Organic Acacia Fiber.
  • Choice of size: 1.0 pounds
  • Price: $14.99


Tips to Process Safe Snacks for Health

Cooking Coconut Milk Should Not Be Overcooked

The process of cooking coconut milk is the key to the health of the food you process. Cooking coconut milk should not be too long aka overcook. This material only needs to be heated until small air arises and should not take too long. It is very important to prevent the appearance of bad cholesterol that appears after the heating process.


Cook over Low Heat

Cooking coconut milk is recommended using low heat only to maintain a good temperature that can keep the coconut milk processed healthy. Besides, this ingredient is enough to cook until half boiling so that no bad cholesterol appears in your cooking.


Use of Cooking Supporting Ingredients

The risk of cholesterol in contains coconut milk cuisine is also caused by the processing of other foodstuffs that are high in cholesterol. For example, fatty meats, offal, and eggs. If combined with rice is what triggers high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Therefore, you should be wiser from now on in choosing any foodstuffs in your cooking. Besides, avoid excessive and persistent consumption, balance the intake of vegetables and fruits in the body.


Avoid Heating The contains coconut milk Cuisine

contains coconut milk dishes should be consumed once exhausted. Do not heat repeatedly because it can cause a layer of oil in your cooking. This is what makes contains coconut milk cuisine has a negative risk for health.

Understand the above food cooking tips so you can serve your favorite healthy coconut milk food for your family.

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