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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Completely: Fast and Proven Effective !!

Cockroaches are opportunistic feeders or in other words, these disgusting insects will eat whatever they see and find. From most of the foods that people love to things that people don’t even think they can eat at all. How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Completely: Fast and Proven Effective!!  Let’s find out.


What is a cockroach?

Cockroaches are a common pest found in many countries with tropical climates such as Indonesia. The habit of cockroaches living in warm and humid environments makes cockroaches an often emerging pest and poses a health risk in urban environments – places where humans generally live.


Can cockroaches live without ahead?

Cockroaches do not need ahead to be able to breathe. The respiratory system of cockroaches uses small tubes or spirals located next to their bodies to inhale and transport oxygen.

Imagine if the cockroach’s ability to survive headless combined with their ability not to eat for a month – meaning you will have a real nuisance from insects that can survive headless for a week!


Are cockroaches able to run quickly?

Cockroaches are very fast and tenacious insects. Nevertheless, they have always been prey to a large number of natural predators of cockroaches, and running fast is their only defense mechanism. They can even run quickly on uneven terrain and small obstacles.

Despite their small size, cockroaches can run at speeds of up to 1.5 meters per second. So it’s no surprise that they can spread serious diseases and allergic reactions on a property very quickly.


Cockroaches can taste food without the need to eat it

One of the disadvantages of cockroaches is that they do not have tongues with human-like taste abilities. However, this weakness does not mean they cannot taste food as much as humans and other animals.

Cockroaches are known to taste food without the need to eat it. They have a sense of taste in the form of hair or also known as “flavored hair” located all over the legs, wings, and around the mouth.

This cockroach’s flavored hair works similarly to tasters on the human tongue to detect sweetness, bitterness, and also chemicals in food.


What is the danger of cockroaches to humans?

  • Cockroaches can remove microbes from their body including pathogens that are harmful to humans.
  • Cockroaches carry some dangerous diseases for humans such as cholera, dysentery, and salmonellosis.
  • The body and feces of cockroaches can cause allergies and respiratory disorders in humans such as asthma.
  • Cockroaches can contaminate food with their saliva containing bacteria to cause humans to develop food poisoning, diarrhea, and Staphylococcus.

Cockroaches can multiply very quickly, and small cockroach problems can become a big and serious problem if not immediately controlled especially with the help of professional cockroach extermination services.


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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Completely: Fast and Proven Effective


Signs of the presence of cockroaches

Cockroaches are very active at night when you and your family are dreaming beautifully. No wonder if you find it hard to find their whereabouts.

Therefore, you need to understand some of the signs of the presence of cockroaches below, to know the presence of the little creature in the house.



Usually, cockroaches will leave traces as they surround your house. These traces can resemble coffee powder or pepper.


Dead cockroach body

The presence of a cockroach’s lifeless body can also be a sign that your house has been “colonized” by cockroaches.


Bad smell

Bad smell can be smelled if cockroaches have entered the house. Especially in places like the kitchen or bathroom.


Diseases cockroaches can carry

Be careful, for some people, the presence of cockroaches is not only disgusting. As it turns out, cockroaches can also bring a wide variety of diseases into your home!

Please note, cockroaches often consume human feces. That is why it can spread germs causing the appearance of the disease. According to the World Health Organization, cockroaches can carry the following diseases:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery (inflammation of the intestines Which causes bloody diarrhea)
  • Cholera
  • Leprosy
  • Typhus
  • Viral diseases such as polio.

Besides, cockroaches can carry eggs of parasites that can cause the appearance of allergic reactions, such as dermatitis, hives, swelling of the eyelids, and serious respiratory problems.


How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Completely: Fast and Proven Effective!!

The most popular way of eradicating cockroaches yourself at home is to use an insecticidal spray that can be purchased in a convenience store.

However, in this way your occupational health and safety in eradicating cockroaches yourself at home is not guaranteed, for example, incorrect use or accidental eye contact with spray chemicals may be possible.

Nevertheless, there are still some tips on how to repel low practical and dangerous cockroaches that you can work on at home:


Keeping and cleaning food waste

Take care of food with a serving hood, or store it safely in the refrigerator. Besides, dispose of food waste regularly in a plastic bag, then tie the plastic bag tightly. This way, the cockroach will disappear by itself because no food can be “invaded”.


Cleaning the house from unused items

Cockroaches are animals that are good at survival. Without food, animals can go through paper, glue, and dust. Therefore, make sure the house is clean of unused items (such as unread magazines) so that cockroaches no longer feel at home. How to get rid of cockroaches is worth trying, while cleaning your house.


Cleaning puddles

Cockroaches will not hesitate to come to a house that has many puddles and damp places. Therefore, you are advised to frequently clean puddles or fix leaks in pipes in the house (which can cause moisture).


Tightly close the cockroach’s “entrance gate”

If your house has unreachable corners, immediately clean and looks for small holes that are often the “entrance gate” of cockroaches. Usually, cockroaches can enter the house through small holes, such as those on the walls or doors of the house.


Make a trap with baking soda

When smelling sweet, cockroaches will come and will devour the sweet-scented food. This can be your chance to mix that sweet food with baking soda, which is potent at killing cockroaches.

Just combine baking soda with sweet foods such as honey or sugar, with a percentage of 50% baking soda and 50% sweet foods. Leave in a place that cockroaches visit a lot.


Using a mixture of borax and sweet foods

The theory is still the same as how to repel cockroaches before, namely mixing sweet foods with something toxic for cockroaches. This time there’s borax, which may kill cockroaches quicker than baking soda.

Make sure this deadly bait is out of reach of small children or pets.


Spraying essential oils

essential oils are used to calm the mind with that fragrant aroma. For cockroaches, essential oils such as tea tree, citronella, or peppermint are very annoying. Just spray essential oil directly on the cockroach or around its “playground” at home.


Using pest extermination services

If some of the above ways of repelling cockroaches are not potent, perhaps it is time you hire the services of the exterminators. With advanced technology and cockroach repellent materials, they can easily find out where cockroaches hide and remove them from your home.


Installing sticky traps

Just like mice, cockroaches can also be exposed to sticky traps. To start with, place this sticky trap in each corner of the home, so that after it is possible to understand the origin of this coming of cockroaches.

But be careful, do not let your child or pet get hit by this sticky trap, yes.


Squirting clothes lubricant

Before ironing, usually, the clothes will be sprayed with a cloth lubricant. As it turns out, this fragrant spray can be used as a way of overcoming cockroaches. When you see cockroaches wandering on the floor or behind a cupboard, just spray these clothes on him.

Before spraying it, make sure you have mixed the clothes with water, then put it in the sprayer.

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