How To Make Donuts From Biscuits In Air Fryer

How To Make Donuts From Biscuits In Air Fryer is a dish commonly served as a dessert, having a sweetness not excess, a soft texture, and tenderness. To make it we need 20 minutes.

To pamper your tongue this recipe is very suitable especially accompanied by a glass of Strawberry Milk Mix Recipe that is slightly sour and refreshing. Various foods that have been tested from 2015 until now, even become a mainstay menu in the family.

I make these biscuit doughnuts on weekends when everyone gathers at home. Inadvertently almost every meeting I always make a recipe not only always serve with other menus.


What a doughnut?

Its origins were brought to North America by Dutch immigrants, who also popularized it. This dessert is generally round and hollow in the middle. You can also add sweet stuffing such as jelly, cream, jam, or it can also add chocolate.

Doughnuts are formed by uniting both sides to form like a ring and make a hole in the middle so that when cooked the level of maturity is evenly distributed and to accelerate the cooking process.

This time I only use canned biscuits, cinnamon powder, stevia, cooking oil spray is a very perfect combination. I also do not originally choose ingredients, because healthy food is what I put first in my article.

Why would I prefer stevia in this biscuit doughnut recipe?

Because stevia is a low-calorie natural sweetener that acts as a substitute for sugar. And derived from the leaves of plants, it is even very suitable to keep the weight to stay ideal.

Stevia in addition to lowering blood sugar levels is also useful for hypertension sufferers, namely diseases that often do not show symptoms and what if left untreated can cause health problems, such as stroke and heart disease.

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How To Make Donuts From Biscuits In Air Fryer?

Donuts can be cooked at Air Fryer in 5 minutes at 360 degrees. And to make the dough, you just have to put the biscuit on a flat surface, then make a hole using a circle-shaped cookie cutter. After that put it on a baking sheet that has been smeared with cooking oil spray.

Maybe you want to use other ingredients from this doughnut-making recipe, well below I will explain how to get good results.


How to make donuts from biscuit dough

By using different materials, the way of manufacture will be the same. You don’t have to struggle to figure out how to make these donuts from biscuit dough successfully. Here are some methods:

First, separate the biscuits and make a hole in the middle, and do not make the dough too thick to get an evenly cooked result.

While waiting put the pan on the stove and heat the oil. Then put the doughnuts correctly, frying until golden brown.

After that drain the doughnuts on a wire rack. Heat the sugar in a saucepan until melted.

Place the sugar in a bowl and dip the doughnuts.

Serve on the table with other dishes.


As for how to make donuts holes from scratch

How to make donuts holes from scratch is one of the real ways for those who like to cut small, crispy, and sweet.

Making this doughnut hole is my most favorite part quickly and easily. It was fun in the kitchen to make it. Creates a delicious, crunchy, well-fried dough.

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To make doughnuts, start by heating the oil in a frying pan. Use scissors to cut each biscuit into 4 pieces and roll it into balls. Then put the doughnuts in a frying pan, and remove them when they are all golden. Finally, put it on a plate and add it with a mixture of sugar or cinnamon.

Another one as for how to make donuts not greasy

If you don’t want to make greasy doughnuts you make them by baking them. Although different will not reduce the delicacy. Even using this process makes us healthier without 2016 oil.

Making baked doughnuts will make us easier and healthier if you don’t want any oil.

That’s the way donuts are made that might help you. But this time I’m going to make a different How To Make Donuts From Biscuits In Air Fryer will probably make you pithier. Collect all the necessary materials.

Ingredients How To Make Donuts From Biscuits

Equipment used

  • Air fryer
  • Pan
  • Bowl
  • Spoon

Tips for frying and making dough:

  • Try to use a small fire to get the perfect doughnut
  • Don’t take too long until the doughnuts are golden brown.
  • For the dough do not be too thick so it is easy to form.
  • And do not be too diluted too, just to make the batter so that it can be formed.

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Donuts From Biscuits In Air Fryer

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