How to Stop Braces Rubbing on Cheek | And Can you wear wax on braces while sleeping

How to Stop Braces Rubbing on Cheek

How to Stop Braces Rubbing on Cheek. Here are some ways you can try to fix this problem:

Using Orthodontic Candles

Take orthodontic wax

Usually, the orthodontist will provide orthodontic wax when you put your braces on.

  • If you run out, you can buy it at the pharmacy.
  • Orthodontic waxes are sold in small containers containing long strips of wax.
  • If it’s not available at the pharmacy, ask your orthodontist.


Take some wax from the strip

Use sparingly, about the size of a pea.

  • Roll it between your fingers until it becomes a small ball.
  • Before touching the wax, make sure you have your hands clean.
  • Use new and never used candles.


Make sure the piercing wire or bracket is dry and clean

It is best to brush your teeth first to remove food debris or debris from the wire.

  • To dry the braces, keep your lips or cheeks away from the piercing wire area.
  • Allow to dry for a few seconds or use sterile gauze to place between the bracket and the inside of the mouth.
  • Then, attach the candle.


Apply orthodontic wax to the piercing wire

You just need to press it on the wire area.

  • Place a ball of wax on your fingertips.
  • Attach the wax to the piercing wire or bracket.
  • Press gently to cover the wire. Pressure on teeth or braces during orthodontic treatment does cause discomfort. If you feel pain when pressing the wire, that’s normal.


Remove wax before eating or brushing your teeth

Do not let the wax get mixed with the food.

  • Throw away used candles immediately.
  • Replace with a new wax after eating or brushing your teeth.
  • Use wax until you can see an orthodontist or dentist to fix the wire.
  • If you accidentally swallow a candle, don’t worry as it is harmless to you.
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