How to Stop Braces Rubbing on Cheek | And Can you wear wax on braces while sleeping

Repairing Pierced Wires

Use tweezers to fix the wire stuck in the back of the mouth

Sometimes, eating solid foods can cause the flexible wire at the back of the mouth to stick out of the bracket slots on the back teeth.

  • If this is the case, you can fix it with tweezers.
  • Take thin tweezers. Make sure the tweezers are clean before putting them in your mouth.
  • Pinch the end of the wire.
  • Return the end of the wire to the bracket slot.
  • If you can’t get the wire back into the latch, contact an orthodontist.


Repair the damaged rubber with tweezers and pliers

After that, you need to see an orthodontist to replace the rubber.

  • If the rubber braces in front of the mouth are damaged, you can try putting them back under the wire arches or around the brackets.
  • To remove the wire from your cheeks and lips, use tweezers
  • If the rubber is over the bend of the wire, you can remove it by cutting it with pliers. This method is only recommended as a last resort and should be followed by a visit to the orthodontist as soon as possible.

How to Stop Braces Rubbing on Cheek | And Can you wear wax on braces while sleeping

How to Stop Braces Rubbing on Cheek : Other Ways to to Stop Braces Rubbing on Cheek

Aloe Vera Rinses

How to stop braces rubbing on cheek without wax. You can use a variety of aloe vera gel rinses to soothe any irritation from braces. These gels can also be used to treat small cuts and canker sores.

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Rinses of Saltwater

Warm salt water is a great way to clean your mouth. Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt with warm water. Stir until fully dissolved. Next, rinse the rinse in your mouth for 30 seconds. Then, flush it out. Continue this process until you have used all the saltwater. You can repeat this until your mouth feels better.

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