How to Stop Braces Rubbing on Cheek | And Can you wear wax on braces while sleeping

How to stop braces wire from poking without wax

How to stop braces wire from poking without wax. Sometimes, a thinner wire can poke out of your mouth and cause discomfort. If this happens, and you are unable to get rid of the problem with wax, you can gently bend the wire to a more comfortable shape for the mouth. Use a pencil that has a clean eraser.


Do braces make your teeth sensitive

Do braces make your teeth sensitive. Tooth sensitivity can result from improper brushing or improper dental hygiene while wearing braces. This happens when you fail to remove plaque and build-up. Plaque causes your teeth to weaken, leaving them at a greater risk for sensitivity. Another contributing factor to sensitivity is the grinding of teeth.


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