How to Stop Leg Cramps Immediately: Steps by steps Simple and Quickly Home Remedies

Cramping occurs when the muscles unknowingly contract themselves. Usually, you will feel like there is a hard lump on the pain point. Cramps generally strike in the legs and last for a few seconds to minutes. Know-How to Stop Leg Cramps Immediately: Steps by steps Simple and Quickly Home Remedies.

The cause of leg cramps can be caused by a variety of factors. This may often occur in adults, especially seniors at night. You may be curious about what to do and how to treat it at home.


Why can leg cramps occur?

Cramping can be caused by muscle tension, muscle fatigue or overuse. A lack of electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium, can also cause cramping. This mineral plays an important role in helping muscles function more smoothly. The body will also benefit from sufficient fluids to process the mineral.

Muscle cramping is not usually a sign of an underlying condition. However, people over 65 are more likely to experience it. Other conditions that may be related to cramming include hypothyroidism or alcoholism.


What are the causes of Cramping?


Fluid deficiency plays an important role in the process of draining oxygen in the blood and cleansing the body through the kidneys. If you experience cramping, it is important to see first if your body is well hydrated or not. The cause of cramping due to dehydration arises from the muscle nerves that become sensitive and contractions occur outside the will or spasm.


Nutrition Problems

If you take too many additional supplements, when you don’t need them, it will be very dangerous. Better, consume fruits and vegetables to add electrolyte balance.

Imbalance in the body can be one of the causes of cramping due to malnutrition or excessive problems.


Side Effects of Drugs

Certain medications usually give side effects of muscle cramps. You can consult a doctor to replace it with a safer one.


Poor Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation is one of the causes of cramping. Some circulation problems can cause pain. When it feels worse, especially when you walk, so it does not disappear, you should check with the Doctor.

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Why when sleeping, feet can suddenly cramp?

Leg cramps at night can be caused by the position of the legs when lying down. People may choose to sleep with their legs bent, also known as plantarflexion. This position is known to shorten the calf muscles, making you more susceptible to cramping.


What causes leg cramps to tingle?

Here are the factors that trigger tingling cramps:

  • Long periods of physical work or exercise, especially in hot climates
  • Body lacks fluids
  • The body lacks minerals
  • For a long time, stay in the same position

How to Stop Leg Cramps Immediately: Steps by steps Simple and Quickly Home Remedies

How to Stop Leg Cramps Immediately

Leg cramps cause sudden and mysterious pain, which occurs when the muscles are unconsciously tense and unable to relax. Relaxation is the main key to how to get rid of cramps in the legs.

When nighttime leg cramps occur in the calf, the following steps will help you relax the affected muscles and stop the pain:

  • Breathe and try to stay calm
  • Sitting on the bed
  • Wrap a blanket or bedsheet around your feet
  • Gently pull your toes towards you
  • Hold position for 30 seconds then repeat
  • You can stretch this until your feet are completely relaxed


When cramping occurs on the front legs, do the following:

  • Stand carefully at the side of the bed
  • Move weight to toes
  • Gently lift the heel off the floor
  • Use the bed for stability if the pain makes you unbalanced
  • Repeat until the cramped muscles are completely relaxed


If you feel cramps in the back of the thigh (hamstring), do the following:

  • Sitting on the floor with your back attached to the bed or wall
  • Stretch your legs in front of you
  • Slide your hands down your feet, slowly bending forward
  • When you feel a burning sensation in cramped muscles, hold the position for 30 seconds
  • Slowly return to the sitting position and repeat the stretch
  • Repeat until the cramped muscles loosen


Steps by steps Simple and Quickly Home Remedies for stop Leg Cramps

Avoid sleeping on tight sheets

Tight sheets or bedding can cause you to lower your toes unconsciously during sleep, and this can trigger calf cramps. It’s a good idea to use loose sheets to minimize the chances of your feet constantly being in one particular position for too long causing cramping.

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You can also prevent the position of the toes from changing by hanging the soles of the feet at the end of the mattress to point downwards during sleep.


Give a warm compress to cramped feet

Giving hot temperatures to cramped areas can greatly help relax tense muscles while relieving pain. Use a warming pillow, a warm towel, or even a cloth-clad hot water bottle to relax muscles and relieve cramps.

If you prefer to use an electric heating pillow, be sure not to fall asleep during use to avoid the risk of fire. Make sure the heating pillow you are using can turn off automatically.

You can also use heat to relax muscle cramps by soaking in hot water or pouring hot water onto your feet.

Make sure your feet are not swollen before trying this step. If your feet are swollen with pain and cramps, there may be blood clots or deep vein thrombosis on your body. In this case, seek medical help, and do not use a warming pillow.



Stretching or light stretching will help relieve the sensation of cramping, especially in the legs. Stop any activity, then straighten the legs and pull the fingers towards the knees to stretch the calf muscles.

Next, by tiptoeing or massaging cramped feet, the pain must be lighter. If you still feel it, try to walk lightly and tiptoe occasionally.


Light Walking

How to overcome the next cramp by doing a light walk, because it is believed to help relieve the pain. Most people misinterpret cramps, just sit back and rest.

This walk will help send signals to the tense leg muscles to relax for a moment. Walk slowly until the pain is reduced.


How to prevent muscle cramping?

Leg cramps must occur from time to time. You can prevent the cause from happening with these steps:


Avoid Sports In Hot Weather

Physical activity such as excessive exercise when the weather is hot will speed up your body to dehydrate. ​It’s better to exercise in morning than in evening.


Increase Muscle Stretching

Perform light movements every day, such as before bathing, waking up, and going to bed, as well as physical activity at leisure. In addition to being done daily, stretching muscles becomes important before exercising. Physical heating plays a role in preventing muscle cramps triceps surae in swimming sports.

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Using the Right Shoes

How to prevent cramps experienced by your feet, can be by wearing the right shoes and comfortable for activities. If cramping occurs, take a look at the shoes you’re wearing, especially when you’ve just replaced flat shoes with high heels.


Expand Natural Nutrients

Electrolyte balance such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, essential for muscle contraction and relaxation. How to prevent further cramping can be by increasing the consumption of foods full of nutrients.

It is recommended to increase the intake of nutrients as recommended or as needed by the body and reduce heavy physical activity to reduce the pain of abdominal cramps during menstruation.

Foods rich in magnesium sources, such as legumes can help maintain muscle strength and flexibility.


Increase Body Fluids

Everyone’s bodily fluid needs are different. In general, the body loses 0.4 – 1.8 liters of water for every one hour of exercise. Adjust the mineral water drunk to your body proportions, especially when exercise is important to add more fluids than usual.


What foods can relieve cramps quickly?

Another attempt to treat cramps is eating foods rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients can regulate blood flow.

Here are some foods that can be consumed to relieve muscle cramps:



Bananas are a good source of potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. This nutrient is called an electrolyte. Bananas can help relieve muscle tension and reduce the effects of cramping.



Avocados are fruits rich in potassium. The average medium-sized avocado contains 975 milligrams of potassium, which is double the amount in one banana. Potassium is good for your heart and helps keep your muscles relaxed. We can add avocado to salads or sandwiches to avoid cramping.



Filled with protein, milk helps repair muscle tissue and offers protection against muscle cramps. It also contains natural sources of calcium, potassium and sodium.



One of the reasons for muscle cramps is dehydration. Melons rich in water and sodium can add water to the system and restore sodium lost due to sweating.  Melons also contain potassium, magnesium, and calcium.



Potatoes are a natural water source, which can reduce the risk of dehydration and muscle cramps.

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