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How To Tell How Far Along A Cat Is Pregnant: Simple Accurate Test

Just like humans, cats have a peak period of fertility when they can get pregnant, this is known as the mating season or aroused. Then, How To Tell How Far Along A Cat Is Pregnant: Simple Accurate Test. In this article, you will find out!

Cats can come to spring every three weeks, so there are plenty of opportunities for your pet cat to get pregnant. If you want to avoid unexpected births of kittens, it is advisable to sterilize your cat before the first season of pregnancy, as it can get pregnant very easily afterward.


How can I know whether a cat is pregnant?

Signs of a pregnant cat will generally be seen from their nipples that look increasingly red and enlarged. The sign of pregnancy in the cat indicates that the pregnancy has reached 15–18 days.

However, it should be noted that redness and swelling of the nipple are not only a sign of pregnancy but can also be symptoms of certain diseases. For more details, here are some signs of pregnancy in cats:

  • Enlargement of the abdomen and tenser. The swelling that occurs will be affected by the number of children conceived.
  • Morning sickness. This one symptom is experienced by some cats during pregnancy.
  • When pregnant, cats tend to eat more and sleep more.
  • When entering the day of delivery, the cat will look for a comfortable place to give birth.


How To Tell How Far Along A Cat Is Pregnant: Simple Accurate Test

Regarding the length of time a cat’s pregnancy, it is not similar to humans which generally reaches 40 weeks or 9 months. A cat’s pregnancy usually lasts between 63-67 days, but it can be difficult to know exactly how long the cat is pregnant.

Your cat’s gestation period can vary from the shortest of 61 days to the longest of 72 days. When a cat is pregnant, it can carry 1-6 kittens in its stomach.

At the beginning of pregnancy, female cats often do not show any physical symptoms during pregnancy until they reach the age of several weeks. If you want to know for yourself how to tell if your cat is pregnant or not, there are some physical signs that you should find after 2-3 weeks have passed.

If you’re unsure after seeing some of these signs, you can confirm them by visiting the nearest vet for an ultrasound. This test can show the heartbeat of a cat’s fetus from the age of 20 days of pregnancy.

If the pregnancy is over 45 days old, you can do an X-ray examination to see where and how many children are in the pet cat’s womb.


How many times do cats mate to get pregnant?

The most experienced cats can mate up to 10 times an hour and when fertilizing, they can mate 50 times a day. Females can also mate with different males.

Fertilization of the egg is carried out by one sperm, but if the female is paired with more than one male sperm, different sperm can fertilize different egg cells. This is why cats can give birth to children of different colors.


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how to tell how far along a cat is pregnant


Pregnancy Period in Cats

The first and second weeks: there have been no signs of pregnancy.

Week three: the cat’s nipples change color to be redder and visible to the eyes.

Week four: nipples and abdomen begin to enlarge followed by increased appetite.

Week five and six: cats become more spoiled and lazy to move. The fetus or fetus can already be touched in the abdomen of the mother.

Week seven: cats often urinate the size of a developing fetus. Similarly to humans, the size of an enlarged fetus will put pressure on the bladder.

Week eight: the cat begins to look for a comfortable place to give birth. You can help him provide a comfortable and not crowded place.

Week nine: owners of maintenance animals must make observations to see the birthmark. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Stage I: a decrease in body temperature, around 37.8–38.3 degrees Celsius, the cat experiences a decrease in appetite, often licks the genital area and stays where it has been determined.
  • Stage II: the presence of contractions, the membranes that protect the fetus will be visible out of the genitals and look like transparent balloons filled with water. Then, the fetus will be pushed out.
  • Stage III: after the fetus comes out, it will be followed by the placenta. The cat will eat its placenta before starting contractions to remove the next child.


Some things to do when a cat is pregnant

Give it the right food

When pregnant, cats need foods containing vitamins and minerals, as well as calcium. This is indispensable because, in addition to a lot of sleep, pregnant cats are also often hungry and thirsty. Therefore, we must maintain our diet and always be on standby to provide for the necessary needs.


Make him feel good

Give him a soft, fluffy mattress in his cage. We can coat the mattress with a soft towel to make it feel more comfortable. Pregnant cats do need more affection and attention because during pregnancy they tend to be more spoiled.


Don’t let him play outside.

Make sure that we keep it indoors and don’t take it out often. Because bad weather and cleanliness outside the house can affect his health. Try to keep track of your cat’s activity. This is to keep the child in the cat’s womb healthy.


Keep away from other cats

Hormonal changes that occur in cats put more pressure on them. The cat that is pregnant will be very sensitive, so it is most likely that she will fight with other cats. So, the best way to keep it is to separate it from other cats. Cats also tend to prefer quiet places in the lead-up to childbirth.


Do not give vaccines or drugs

When pregnant, cats are strongly advised not to be given vaccines. This is because it can inhibit the growth of kittens. Besides, the administration of helminthic drugs, antiquarian drugs, and others can harm the fetus they contain.

This can be one of the causes of miscarriage as well as birth defects. If your cat is sick, consult a vet immediately.


Check regularly

To ensure your cat’s health, take your cat to your vet for a routine check-up. That way, we can keep a close eye on her health and ensure that the fetus in her womb is in good health. This is done so that at birth there is no problem.


Prepare a place for childbirth

About two weeks before giving birth, the cat will enter nesting or nesting. This is done to avoid predators, other animals, or alien humans that can disturb their babies. The mother cat has the instinct to protect her cubs from harm.

Usually, cats choose an inadequate place, therefore we are advised to provide alternatives such as cardboard filled with used newspaper and coated with a towel or cloth that can be cleaned and washed.

Put a pillow or towel clean to make your cat feel more comfortable. Also, place food places and sandboxes nearby to make it easier for cats.

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