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How to Treat Acne around Mouth Area

Experiencing acne on the face or even near the mouth though, makes us not confident to appear in front of many people.  Well, you must also ask about How to Treat acne around mouth area.

This time I will give you information that may be very valuable for the appearance of your face to look good, and charming. Follow this article until you know how to solve the current problem.

What causes acne around the mouth?

Acne around the mouth can certainly make you not confident. This condition can be caused by various factors ranging from mobile phones, lip care products used, to hormonal changes.

Acne may be more likely to occur near the mouth if the skin in this area is irritated and can be treated with anti-acne medications in general.

Acne around the mouth may be experienced by some people. Although it is a skin problem experienced by a million people.

Some of the common causative facts appearing acne in the oral area:

Use of lip balm

The use of lip balm too often can also be the cause of acne around the mouth occurs.

Indeed, the use of lip balm is carried out to maintain the moisture of the lips. However, the excessive use of this product has the potential to clog the pores of the skin around the mouth because of the oil content in it.

Deodorizing substances contained in lip care products can also irritate the skin around the mouth. As a result, acne on the lip area is inevitable.

So, if you have acne in your mouth, check your lip balm or lip care products, whether they contain coconut oil and the ingredients that clog your pores or not.

Helmet strap

One of the causes of acne around the mouth is the use of a roped helmet, which is glued to the chin can easily clog the pores around the mouth resulting in acne.

In anticipation, glue the helmet strap but don’t be too tight. You also need to gently clean this area of skin after driving with a helmet.

Helmet strap

Shaving cream

The appearance of acne around the mouth means it could be due to the use of shaving creams or oils. Because the use of this type can clog pores or irritate the skin around the mouth. This condition can cause the onset of acne around your mouth.

Mobile phone usage

Any object that is in direct contact with the skin area of the face and can cause acne. One of the objects that often cause acne around the mouth is a mobile phone.

Mobile phones that you often use can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. If used constantly on the cheek, chin, and mouth areas, when calling it can cause acne in the mouth area.

Presence of disorders of the digestive system

The appearance of acne around the mouth means it is often associated with digestive system conditions, such as the intestines and liver. This can happen because it may be too much to eat spicy foods, oily foods, as well as fatty foods. As a result, there can be the onset of acne in the lip area.

Hormonal changes

Next, the cause of acne around the mouth is hormonal changes or increased levels of androgen hormones. This can stimulate the production of excess sebum so that it risks clogging the pores that cause acne.

Androgen hormone or male hormone is, in general, this hormone that regulates everything related to the male reproductive organs.

In women, hormonal changes can be caused by puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause, consumption of birth control pills, to conditions of the ovarian polycystic syndrome.

Poor hygiene of the oral area

Acne around means it can also be due to the lack of maintaining good oral hygiene. For example, do not clean lipstick or lip balm as well as food waste that sticks cleanly.

When the cleanliness of the skin around the mouth is not well maintained, then the pores in the lip area can be clogged by oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and accumulated bacteria.

As a result, the pores of the face will also become inflamed and make acne around the lips may appear.

The habit of touching the mouth

The habit of touching the mouth unnoticed is also the cause of acne around the mouth and acne on the face in general. Unfortunately, the habit of touching the mouth that is not accompanied by efforts to maintain hand hygiene causes acne to appear in the lip area.

When you touch the mouth or other areas of the face without washing your hands first then it risks moving bacteria and germs that stick to the hands to the mouth.

Characteristics of people who are very easy to appear acne in the oral area:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Oily skin types
  • Bacterial infection of the skin
  • Excessive stress and lack of sleep
  • Exposure to pollution, dust, and dirt
  • Foods containing milk, chocolate, as well as sugar, or high carbohydrates
  • Hormonal changes, for example during puberty or elevated levels of androgen hormones.
  • Side effects of drugs, such as corticosteroids, lithium, epilepsy or anti-seizure drugs, and testosterone.
  • Skin irritation, for example, due to the use of harsh chemical soaps or certain cosmetics.
  • Are acne and herpes simplex different?

Yes of course, what distinguishes the two is that acne can appear in other areas of the body, while herpes simplex tends to appear in one area only. Herpes simplex generally appears in the oral or pubic area.

Here are the differences between acne and herpes simplex:

Herpes simplex can be contagious to others, whereas acne does not.

Herpes tends to itch and sore, while acne usually hurts only when touched or squeezed.

Herpes looks like blistered skin and contains clear fluid, while acne appears to be a lump containing blackheads or pus.

Herpes resilient always appears in groups. This is different from acne that grows at one or more points only.

The appearance of herpes resilient on the lips can be followed by other symptoms of herpes simplex, namely fever, fatigue, muscle pain, and swelling of the lymph nodes around the neck that feel pain. While acne on the lips is not accompanied by such symptoms.

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How to deal with acne around the mouth?

You should know how to deal with acne in the mouth, so as not to follow the wrong way that I give the following:

Routine facial cleansing

One way to deal with acne around the lips is to regularly clean the face, including the oral area.

Cleansing and exfoliating the face can remove dead skin cells that are the cause of acne around the mouth occurs. It is important to clean your face before going to bed, especially when using makeup all day.

With this, the presence of acne in the area around the lips can also be prevented. Also, do not forget to wash your hair regularly. Because, the condition of dirty and oily hair can trigger the appearance of acne on the face, including acne around the mouth.

Don’t squeeze acne

Although it is claimed as a way to overcome acne in the mouth quickly, pressing acne is feared to irritate the skin and make the acne you experience worse.

You are also not recommended to touch acne frequently on the lip area. Because it can increase the risk of breaking down acne so that it leaves scars.

Medical procedures

Your doctor may suggest certain medical measures when necessary as a way of treating acne in the mouth which is potent.

Some possible medical measures are laser therapy and chemical peeling. The type of treatment chosen will be tailored to the acne condition around the mouth.

Consumption of drinking drugs

Acne conditions in the mouth that are classified as moderate to severe sometimes require medication to take. For example, antibiotics if do not give effective results, the doctor may be able to prescribe isotretinoin drugs.

Isotretinoin should only be used under the supervision of a doctor. In some cases, contraceptive pills may also be prescribed to treat acne in the area around the lips.

Tips to prevent acne around the mouth area

  • Take a shower after a workout
  • Avoid touching or pressing acne
  • Wash your face twice a day with a gentle or light facial cleansing soap
  • Avoid using skincare products and hair that contain oils
  • Make sure the cosmetic products you use have non-comedogenic labels or are not prone to clogging pores and are oil-free to reduce the appearance of acne
  • Avoid touching areas of the mouth with hands that have not been cleaned with soap and running water
  • Avoid excess lip balm application and make sure the product does not spread to the skin in the area around the lips and mouth.
  • Keep the bed area clean by changing pillowcases and sheets regularly
  • Clean any food remnants that may be attached to the oral area using tissues.

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