How To Wrap Your Hair: Complete Guide Step By Step

How To Wrap Your Hair

Wrapping hair is a hairstyle that is used to arrange the hair to be smooth and straight. This technique is most commonly used by people who have long hair. However, even if you own short hair, you can still do it. Find out more about How To Wrap Your Hair: Complete Guide Step By Step.


What is Hair Wrap?

Hair Wrap is a technique to smooth the strands of hair around the head. The trick is quite easy, just collect the whole hair, then brush it in a circular motion around the head.


How To Wrap Your Hair: Complete Guide Step By Step

Preparing Hair for Wet Sets

  • Wash your hair using shampoo. Start with clean hair. It’s easier to wrap your hair.
  • Apply conditioner without rinse and foam wrapping lotion from root to end of the hair. This will help improve the ph balance in the hair, as well as help it stay moist.
  • Consider applying natural oils, such as argon, jojoba, or Maroco oil to each part of the hair little by little. Natural oil polishing is excellent for getting smooth hair. If you have dry hair, then this could be the right choice.


Wrapping Parts

  • Use a sparsely toothed hair comb, to make sure the hair is as smooth as possible before wrapping it. If you have thick hair, start combing from the nape, then proceed to the top. Make sure you comb it from root to tip with careful movement.
  • Create a horizontal section at the highest point of your head. Use the tip of the cutting comb to divide the hair at the top, which is the very top of the head.
  • Comb the front and back hairs in the direction you want to wrap them. Hold the ends of this section so that the hair is tight, then comb down, circular, moving towards the coil.
  • For example, if you wrap the hair to the left, you will start combing on the right side of this section. Comb that part in a circular pattern, first down, then up around your hairline.
  • Tuck the bottom of the hair towards the wrapper. If you wrap to the left, the back end will be below.
  • Hold the comb so you work from the top, not from the bottom.
  • Wrap the next side, in the same direction.
  • Continue with the front and the remaining sides.
  • Apply a neck strap to hold the hair in place when it dries. The neck or wrapping strip should be placed on the back of your head. Next, pull it forward and tie it to the forehead. This helps to hold the wrap in place so that it will set when the hair dries. You may need to coat 3-4 strands to cover the ends of the hair as a whole.
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Drying Wrap

  • Use a hooded hair dryer for 40-60 minutes.
  • Wrap it using a satin scarf around your hair. Satin will help smooth the hair and avoid excess damage.
  • Wait until the hair is completely dry before removing the wrap. It depends on the length of hair you have.
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