Is Coffee Bad For Your Liver Or Kidney

Is Coffee Bad For Your Liver Or Kidney is widely known as a healthy drink, but does this simple stimulant have harmful side effects on the human body?

Easily we consume food or drink without seeing the side effects and benefits. Well, from now on we have to be good at reading to know the risks that will be obtained.

What coffee is bad for the liver or kidneys?

There are many compounds that forming coffee, and each has a different effect on the human body. While caffeine is a major component in coffee that has a negative effect, other chemicals in it can be just as inconvenient.

These harmful chemicals, such as caffeine, make up about 80% of all the ingredients in coffee, and they come with a variety of negative health consequences.

One of the more troubling effects of coffee is:

His ability to raise blood pressure

It can cause heart attacks and strokes, two of the most common causes of death in the United States.

High glucose concentrations in coffee increase the amount of power that the heart should use when pumping blood, which in turn leads to an increase in blood pressure.

While many people believe they can drink a cup of coffee a day and never have any adverse effects, experts advise limiting coffee consumption to no more than three cups a day to avoid an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

People who have a family history of high blood pressure should also limit their coffee consumption to no more than three cups a day, as too much can lead to a condition called family hypercoleleoleemia, or high blood pressure caused by inherited traits.

Another known effect is that it can affect the liver. This is especially true because coffee has certain toxins in it that can be harmful.

If you have liver problems, it is advisable to avoid coffee at all means. This is the main reason why should only drink decaffeinated coffee since it is much healthier.

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Other effects of coffee are:

Can damage arteries, when coffee is digested. Caffeine causes the body to have to spend more energy to digest it, slowing down metabolism.

When metabolism slows down, more calories are stored as fat. This can increase the chances of developing heart disease, which can lead to death.

High blood pressure caused by family hypercoleoleemia can cause permanent damage to the walls of the arteries, which can even lead to heart attacks and strokes.

By limiting the consumption of caffeinated coffee, you can significantly lower your chances of developing this life-threatening disease.

Here are some calories and nutrients in different types of coffee:


Macchiato is a coffee drink consisting of two shots of espresso and poured in steamed milk.

Usually, in a glass of macchiato there are:

4 gr of milk

80 gr of caffeine

90 calories

Macchiato has fairly strong caffeine, which is about the same as 1 shot of espresso. It’s just, it has milk content. So, coffee connoisseurs who do not like the bitter taste of espresso can choose this coffee.


Americano is an espresso that is added with hot water, then on top is added cream.

In general, americano contains twice as much caffeine as espresso, which is about 120-160 gr.

In a glass of americano, it contains 90 calories obtained from the cream.


Cappuccino is made from a combination of espresso and steamed milk, which is coated in thick milk foam.

In a glass of cappuccino, there are:

75 mg caffeine

6 gr of protein

6 gr of fat

The number of calories is around 150 kcal if using full cream milk or 95 kcal if using low-fat milk.


This type of coffee has very strong caffeine content.

One shot of espresso contains

80-100 mg of caffeine

5 kcal of calories

0 gr of sugar

0 gr fat

And nutrition

This is because espresso is served without any milk and mixture. There is good news, this drink is safest for those of you who are on a diet.

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A latte is made of espresso and steamed milk, which is poured more when compared to the milk mixture on the cappuccino.

In a latte there is

75 mg caffeine

10 gr of protein

9 gr of fat

30% calcium

If calculated latte contains 180 kcal if added full cream milk and 100 kcal if using low-fat milk.

Mocha Frappuccino

Mocha frappuccino is a type of espresso drink added with steamed milk, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

Mocha frappuccino contains the most calories, namely:

80 mg of caffeine

10 grams of saturated fat

Drinking a cup of coffee is the same as eating 1 chocolate bar with more fat content.

I also have a very delicious drink recipe Chia Coffee Pudding has a sweet taste is very suitable to be served as a dessert or breakfast.

Why isn’t coffee good for health?

A lot of people like to start drinking coffee every day. They often think that it will give them a better energy boost as well as make them feel good. But there is more to coffee than just an energy boost.

There’s more coffee that a lot of people don’t realize. It is true that this can give you energy but you should be very careful when doing so since many negative effects come from drinking too much coffee.

Is Coffee Bad For Your Liver

One of the most common side effects derived from coffee is called Java breath. It’s a related bad breath. This is not normal and can also affect social life.

This is because many coffee drinkers do not brush their teeth after they drink them. The reason why this happens is that coffee is mixed with saliva, which then goes into the mouth starting to produce more coffee.

How to consume coffee well?

When we think about the side effects of coffee, do not worry about the amount of caffeine we consume, but what about all the chemicals and other impurities that are in coffee?

It’s actually a common occurrence and there’s nothing to worry about. The only side effect of coffee time of concern is when a person has a condition that has a previous illness or is pregnant.

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In this situation, it is best to avoid taking stimulants such as caffeine altogether. Even in adults who are not troubled, if you take in large amounts of caffeine, it may experience side effects.

One of the most common side effects of coffee is the “coffee accident”. This is basically a mild to the high coffee accident but something that can be attributed to coffee drinkers, especially if they have been drinking a lot recently.

Basically, the central nervous system reacts to large amounts of caffeine by making you feel very tired and irritable. This effect is also there if it has taken in a large amount of decaf coffee as well.

There is one way to counteract this effect by gradually reducing the amount of coffee you drink over time until the ideal amount is about one to two cups a day.

Another side effect of caffeine is anxiety that may come with you if it has been awake for a while. It’s basically the same feeling, get after too many dinners the night before.

This one is quite easy to remedy, eating only a few nuts like almonds because it is high in good fat and is a great energy booster.

Tips to reduce calories in coffee:

  • Ever brewed black coffee with a creamer without sugar? You can still enjoy a light sweetness, but it doesn’t add too many calories.
  • Combine a little low-fat milk in black coffee, and sprinkle ground cinnamon. The total calories in this cup of coffee will be much less.
  • When you want to have coffee in the cafĂ©, order an espresso and add skim milk. You’ll only add 5 calories from a cup of coffee you drink!
  • Reduce flavored syrup when ordering lattes, as the sugar content in the syrup will add calories to the coffee.
  • In the afternoon, replace coffee with tea when you’ve had coffee in the morning.
  • Green tea contains caffeine, although not as much as in coffee, it also gets antioxidant benefits from it.

Is Coffee Bad For Your Liver Or

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