Is Watermelon Good For Eyes, For Gout and For Type 2 Diabetes To Eat

Watermelon fruit is rich in good nutrients for the body such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, lycopene, antioxidants, and also amino acids. Besides, watermelon also has a potassium content even at small levels. The fruit is very popular among people who are undergoing this diet program is indeed fat-free and low in sodium, in this article you will know Is Watermelon Good For the Eyes, For Gout, and For Type 2 Diabetes To Eat.


What are the benefits of watermelon for pregnant women?

The benefits of watermelon fruit for pregnant women are obtained because it contains a variety of essential nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C, potassium, lycopene, copper, and citrulline amino acids. Watermelon also has a sweet taste and contains a lot of water so it is refreshing to eat pregnant women.

Preventing preeclampsia

Watermelon is rich in lycopene. Antioxidants that make watermelon fruit color red play a role in preventing the occurrence of preeclampsia and reduce the risk of babies being born with low weight. Even so, these benefits still need to be researched further.


Controlling blood pressure

Potassium is one of the important types of minerals and electrolytes that play a role in controlling blood pressure and keeping the heart-healthy. In pregnant women, potassium deficiency can result in leg cramps, weakness, and disturbed heart rhythm.

Pregnant women are advised to consume as much as 4,700 mg of potassium per day. To meet this need, you can consume watermelon or other foods containing potassium, such as bananas, oranges, melons, potatoes, cucumbers, spinach, or broccoli.


Supporting fetal growth

The next benefit of watermelon for pregnant women is to support fetal growth. This benefit can be obtained from vitamin A in watermelons.

Vitamin A plays an important role in aiding the development of the lungs, kidneys, heart, bones, eyes, breathing, blood circulation, and the central nervous system of the fetus in the womb.

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Why can watermelon be the trigger for a deadly disease?

Eating watermelon fruit should not be excessive even though it has a lot of vitamins and water content in it. Watermelon fruit is consumed in excess can cause a variety of health problems.

The following are the consequences of consuming watermelon fruit in excess:

Increase blood sugar

Consuming watermelon which is a natural source of sugar can trigger rising blood sugar levels. Eating too much watermelon will make blood sugar soar because watermelons are included in fruits that have a high glycemic index. Of course, this is not very good for diabetics and should be avoided.


Cardiovascular problems

Watermelon contains potassium which also plays an important role to keep the body healthy.

But when consumed in excess, potassium will cause cardiovascular problems such as weak heart rate, irregular heartbeat, and other problems in the heart system.


Is Watermelon Good For Type 2 Diabetes To Eat


Watermelon can cause inflammation of the liver

Watermelon fruit is consumed along with alcohol will give a very harmful effect on the body.

Lycopene that meets alcohol will result in harmful effects and cause inflammation of the liver organs.



In addition to flatulence, nausea, and vomiting, consuming watermelon fruit excessively can also cause diarrhea.

The high content of lycopene in watermelon can cause other indigestion such as diarrhea.



Excessive consumption of watermelon fruit can indeed reduce the risk of cancer due to its good lycopene content to prevent cancer. However, eating watermelon fruit can be dangerous if done excessively.

Too much lycopene entering the body causes indigestion such as flatulence, nausea, and vomiting.


How to deal with the side effects of watermelon?

First of all, try to stay clean of the substance if you feel that you will have an adverse reaction. If the effect is very bad, you may need to take some type of medication.

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Dehydration is one of the main effects, and although this is rarely a serious problem, you may want to drink plenty of water rather than take things like anti-salt tablets or go to the doctor immediately. Also, try to avoid eating the fruit itself, since citric acid can also be very dangerous if you eat a lot.


It is important to know the benefits of Turmeric Tea in Pregnancy, Turmeric contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, carotene, and vitamin C. Turmeric also has a chemical compound called curcumin. This compound is healthy, especially for pregnant women.


Is Watermelon Good For Eyes, For Gout, and Type 2 Diabetes To Eat

Here are some benefits of watermelon fruit that you should know:

Watermelon is good for eye health

The content of beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, lutein, and zeaxanthin in watermelon is an essential nutrient that can help maintain eye health. As we already know that a serious lack of vitamin A can lead to macular degeneration, a condition characterized by thickening of the cornea that can eventually lead to problems in the eyes and even blindness.

Watermelon is a source of beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A found in plants. Simply getting beta-carotene in the foods you consume can help in preventing macular degeneration, the leading cause of age-related blindness.


Is Watermelon Good For Gout


Watermelon Is Good for reducing the risk of uric acid attacks

Watermelon, like other fruits, is very high in fiber. It makes you feel full and satisfied for a longer time. It helps keep your stomach clean. With fewer purines being brushed, your body doesn’t store excess purines as fat. Your kidneys are not burdened with excess substances.


Watermelon Good consumed for people with type 2 diabetes

The reason is that it contains a natural enzyme called Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This particular enzyme can help regulate and control your body’s blood glucose levels.

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So when you combine eating lots of fresh fruit with eating fewer carbs, you have a natural combination that will help you control your diabetes.


Preventing Dehydration

Watermelon is one of the fruits with very high water content. So it’s no wonder that this fruit is well-liked in the tropics and is a favorite fruit in summer in the country of four seasons. Thanks to its very high water content, the properties of watermelon fruit make a person avoid dehydration and it tastes certainly better than ordinary mineral water.


Preventing Asthma

Being one of the antioxidants that play an important role, lycopene can help the body’s reaction to cold and flu. The more interesting thing is that antioxidants are believed to reduce asthma in children. The efficacy of watermelon fruit also allows asthmatics to breathe better. A study conducted on 17 adults with asthma showed that lycopene has a therapeutic effect on asthma.


Is Watermelon Good For Eyes, For Gout and For Type 2 Diabetes To


Lowers High Blood Pressure

According to research that has been published in The American Journal of Hypertension, that the benefits of watermelon in the form of extracts can lower high blood pressure in obese people who suffer from hypertension.

This is because the amount of potassium and magnesium contained in watermelon is very beneficial in lowering blood pressure. Potassium is considered a vasodilator, which means it releases tension in blood vessels and arteries, thereby stimulating blood flow and reducing stress on the cardiovascular system.

Carotenoids in this fruit also prevent hardening of the walls of arteries and veins, thus helping to reduce blood pressure and the possibility of blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis. Not only the meat, but the benefits of watermelon skin can also reduce hypertension because the content of citrulline is concentrated in the skin of a watermelon.

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