Left Foot and Ankle Swelling: Symptoms, Causes, and Best Medication

Left Foot and Ankle Swelling

Have you ever had swelling of your calf, right leg, left leg, or just one leg? Not only women but the cause of swollen legs can also be felt in men. Therefore let’s see the article Left Foot and Ankle Swelling: Symptoms, Causes, and Best Medication, below.

swollen feet are a health condition that occurs due to fluid buildup in the foot or ankle. This condition can occur because you stand, walk, or sit for too long.


Why are left foot swells but right does not?

Some causes of swelling in only one leg include Infection of the legs or limbs. Tension or tear of the muscles in the affected leg to blockage of the lymphatic system of the feet.


What if it’s swelling in one ankle?

Get medical treatment as soon as possible if your left leg and ankle are swollen. especially if it’s only on one leg. If left unchecked your feet could get worse to feel warm, red, or inflamed even accompanied by fever.


How common is this condition?

Swollen feet and wrists are very common health conditions. swollen left leg and ankle can affect the patient at any age. However, you can prevent swollen feet by reducing existing risk factors. Discuss with your doctor for more information.


Signs & symptoms of the left foot and ankle swelling

  • You have heart or kidney disease and have swelling
  • You have liver disease and have swelling in the legs
  • The leg area is swollen red and feels warm to the touch
  • Your body temperature is higher than normal
  • You are pregnant and have sudden or severe swollen legs
  • You have tried the treatment of swollen feet at home but to no avail
  • The condition of your swollen feet is getting worse

In some cases, the symptoms of swollen legs can worsen, such as:

  • Pain, distress, or tightness in the chest area
  • dizzy
  • Daze
  • Feeling disuse or fainting
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

There may be symptoms and signs not mentioned previously. If you have concerns about certain symptoms of swollen feet, consult your doctor.

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