Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener: Best Reviews Prices

Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener

Sugar as an additional ingredient in various cuisines has become a basic necessity for the community. But were you aware that not all sugar products are great for your system? Excessive sugar consumption also increases your risk of developing obesity and diabetes. In this article, I will share Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener: Best reviews Prices.

Dietary sugars such as monk fruit and other brands are good sugars for health. Monk fruit droplet extract has a variety of flavored, no need to worry anymore about where to buy monk fruit because it has been available in various online stores.

What is monk fruit, does it contain side effects? find the answer in this article.


How many grams of sugar is safe to eat daily?

Sugar can be divided into two kinds, namely natural sugar and added sugar. Natural sugars are found in fruits, vegetables, and milk. Meanwhile, added sugar is the sugar that is incorporated into food and beverages. The sugar in the candy, the packaged fruit juice, even the sugar you mix with the coffee includes added sugars.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), natural sugars do not adversely affect health so they can be consumed without restrictions. Instead, you are advised to limit your consumption of added sugars to as much as 10% of your daily calorie needs.

If you consume 2,000 calories a day, 200 calories can come from added sugars. That way, you should only consume 50 grams of sugar per day because 1 gram of regular sugar contains 4 calories. To get more health benefits, we recommend reducing the consumption of added sugars up to 25 grams per day.


Types of sugars based on the production process

The process of refining sugar to remove impurities and extract them so that the sweetness alone is left behind is called refinement. Added sugars can be divided by the way they are produced, i.e. refined sugars and completely uncoated sugars.


Refined sugar, increase blood sugar levels quickly

Table sugar that you often consume is a type of refined sugar. The sweetness is stronger compared to the sugar that is not fully recognized. However, its nutrients are almost completely lost due to the purification process. Refined sugar is white and textured like sand.

When consumed, this sugar tends to increase blood sugar instantly because it is quickly absorbed by the body. Blood sugar that rises too quickly can cause headaches, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, and so on. Although it is safe to use, we do not recommend refined sugar because of its negative effect on blood sugar.


Fully un-vaccinated sugar, slowly increasing blood sugar levels

This type of sugar does not undergo a process of refining until complete so that the components of the squeeze of sugar cane are still left behind. To enhance its sweetness, molasses or cane droplets are added to the manufacturing process. Examples are brown sugar and brown sugar.

Due to its slow-absorbed character, this sugar does not increase blood sugar drastically. That way, your body’s metabolism will be more stable. We recommend completely un-vaccinated sugars for those of you who pay attention to weight stability.


How to choose low-calorie sugar

There are a few things you need to pay attention to before buying low-calorie sugar. In the following, we will explain the important points to help you choose sugars that are good for your health.

Choose sugar according to calories and sweetness:

  • Artificial sugar, zero calories, and sweeter than regular sugar
  • Sugar alcohol, low sweetness
  • Natural sugars, a more nutritious version of regular sugar

Consider the condition of your body:

  • Sugar with low GI for diabetics
  • For pregnant women, choose natural sugars
  • Xylitol and sucralose to prevent dental caries
  • Artificial sugar for those of you who are on a diet

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