Meat Pie Recipe Ground Beef Cabbage

Served with warm, crispy skin, and this delicious taste is the Meat Pie Recipe Ground Beef Cabbage we can make it within 1 hour. As a favorite dish of all families.

The cuisine is full of flavor, as the main food in the evening with ground beef stuffing and other mixtures are able to spoil all the tongues that eat it. There will never be a sense of disappointment to make this pie recipe.

What is pie?

Pie is a dough that uses ingredients such as going to make a cake, coupled with a variety of fillings.

There can be filling pies with sweet or savory ingredients, this recipe is very easy to make. Just put a few ingredients in and just stir them to make a good dough.

Sweet pies can be filled with fruits such as, apples, nuts, brown sugar, or also sweet vegetables. While the savory beef is ground, eggs, cheese and other mixtures.

The pie is determined by its skin, has a cake that coats the baking sheet and fills it. You can also not add layers on it. But before baking should be coated first to keep the stuffing contained in it.

This pie dish is very much sought after because it is famous for its very easy recipes and makes a sensation in eating become more increasing. Moreover, I often make sweet desserts, and this soft Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls Recipe Heavy Cream makes restoring a dining sensation even more special.

Well, pies also have a variety of shapes ranging from sizes designed for large portions and there is also a single bite.

At first the pie is a round, flattened pastry, or it can match the so-called galettes. It consists of a wheat crust, a barley containing honey in it.

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Fruit pie recipes began to appear in the 15th century, often filled with dried fruits such as raisins and dates. It was first served as a very special dessert, full of flavor.

Why add cabbage for stuffing along with ground beef?

Because cabbage is an annual vegetable crop to have a dense and leafy head. Includes foods that contain a lot of vitamins, and benefits for health.

Green cabbages that are hard-headed, and finely leafy are most common to have a red, purple color, which is layered making a round shape. What if the cabbage grows sunlit it will grow much larger.

The cabbage has the characteristic of forming a krop, which at the beginning of its growth is characterized by the normal formation of leaves. But the more mature the leaves begin to curve upwards until finally growing very tightly.

In this condition farmers usually cover the krop with leaves underneath, in order to produce a pale color. And when the size is enough it can be ready to be harvested. If this plant does not get cold temperatures, then it will continue to develop without flowers after it dies.

Cabbage is also one of the vegetables that we can get easily and cheaply. This food is often used as an addition such as soup or fried rice. Also contains nutrients from these vegetables are very rich and necessary by our body.

The content contained in cabbage is calcium, fiber, vitamin C and B6. Here are some health benefits, including:

Smooth digestion

The crunchy texture found in cabbage is a source of insoluble fiber, can keep digestion in a healthy state.

Improves heart health

Polyphenols in cabbage are an excellent source for health. Which serves to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, can control cholesterol levels and prevent the formation of platelets.

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Platelet is a component of blood that serves to create against bleeding from injury of blood vessels clotting so that it starts blood clotting.

Skin health

The content of water-soluble vitamin C in cabbage helps collagen form. Which is a protein can provide structure and flexibility for the skin.

Ingredients necessary to make ground beef pie with cabbage:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Baking powder
  • Milk
  • Ground beef
  • Cabbage
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Soy sauce
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Tips on choosing fresh cabbage:

  • Choose fresh cabbage at the time of purchase
  • At the time of buying cabbage choose a large size
  • Do not choose cabbage that has black patches that will reduce the quality
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the layers of cabbage
  • Wash and cut cabbage before you process it.
  • It is necessary to soak the cabbage in vinegar or salt water

How to make Ground Beef Cabbage Meat Pie Recipe?

I just make pie dough, and shape it into layers then put the cabbage mixture in the middle and fold the edges. After that bake it in the oven until it is cooked as we wish.

Taste meat pie recipe with nutmeg

Meat pie recipe with nutmeg is the same in the use of other recipe ingredients, it’s just adding nutmeg to add flavor to be more delicious.

meat pie recipe with nutmeg

Because nutmeg serves to give a fragrant aroma and a flavor booster in a dish that warms and tends to be spicy. Even nutmeg powder can also eliminate fishy odor in fish or beef because the aroma is strong.

No wonder nutmeg becomes one of the spices that are very expensive because there are many uses and not only for flavor or aroma enhancer. Although in this recipe using nutmeg will not change a taste, it will make it even more delicious.

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Delicious meat pie recipe with rice

A delicacy is quite different than usual, using rice is a great thing to make a main course that can fill the stomach.

meat pie recipe with rice

Every meal there must be carbohydrates that enter our body in order to withstand hunger for longer, and especially rice is a staple that we must eat every day.

Although the pie is filled with rice mixture but will produce a soft and tender texture, with meat stuffing.

As for the meat pie recipe with bisquick

Not less delicious Bisquick pie mixed with chicken stuffing to accompany a cold night.

The recipe of scaly crust, brown in color is thick, and full of chicken. That surprised everyone. With the addition of bisquik and this simple seasoning is even more special.

This dish does not change a taste, with the addition of bisquik instead into a different variation in the food. So we don’t get tired of making a dish on the table.

Maybe this is a slightly different meaning than I usually make. From the presence of different recipes can create a new taste, far from what we have tried before.

Well, so we had to try a lot of new recipes to make a dish much more delicious. That is acceptable to many, and makes a favorite food. Don’t miss out on discovering new things.

Serve ground beef pie mixed with cabbage on your dinner table with great delicacy.

Equipment used

  • Oven
  • Bowl
  • Aluminum roller

Ingredients Meat Pie Recipe Ground Beef

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Meat Pie Recipe Ground Beef


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