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Melatonin Side Effects Long Term Use, In Women Rash

You are one of those who have trouble sleeping at night. It has done all sorts of ways to overcome it. You should try to increase melatonin levels through the consumption of supplements. But before that, you should know melatonin side effects long term use, in women rash.

Melatonin is a hormone in your body that plays a role in sleep activities. The production and release of melatonin in the brain are related to the turn of the day. Usually, it increases at night and decreases in the morning. Melatonin production also decreases with age.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is the body’s natural hormone which plays a significant role in regulating sleep patterns. With the presence of this hormone, you can know when it is time to sleep and wake up. The hormone melatonin is also made in synthetic form to cope with various sleep disorders.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, a gland in the brain the size of a pea.

At nighttime time, the body produces more melatonin that will assist you fall asleep. While during the day, the amount of melatonin produced is less so that you stay awake.

In addition to being produced naturally by the body, melatonin is also available in the form of supplements made from synthetic materials or ppineal glands in animals.


Why does melatonin cause insomnia?

Because it is produced naturally in the body, when the hormone melatonin is excess or deficient, there will be bad consequences that can occur. Excess hormone melatonin can cause liver disorders, fatigue, disorientation, psychotic thoughts and behaviors, drowsiness, speech disorders, shaking, headaches, and dizziness.

Meanwhile, when there is a lack of melatonin hormone, you can experience insomnia, poor sleep, prostate enlargement, depression, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycle, restlessness, high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart rhythm disorders. Not only that, according to the findings of a new study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, a deficiency of the hormone melatonin can increase the risk of diabetes.


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How many doses of melatonin hormone supplement for adults and for children?

Dosage for adults

In principle, the dosage of the drug for each person may be different. Drug doses are usually adjusted to the age, overall health condition of the patient, as well as their response to treatment.

Be sure to always consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking any type of medication. This is done to ensure that you take the drug according to the recommended dosage.


Dosage for children

There is no definite dosage provision for children yet. This drug can be dangerous for children when used originally.

Therefore, to understand the safety of the drug before use. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for more information.


Melatonin hormone supplements are usually available in various forms, from medicinal versions of taking (tablets or pills), creams that are smeared onto the skin, and that are injected.


melatonin side effects long term use ,in women rash


Melatonin side effects long term use, in women rash

This supplement is generally safe for both short-term and long-term consumption. However, it does not solely make this supplement completely free of the risk of side effects.


Melatonin side effects in women:

Disorders in sex hormone levels

When we sleep, melatonin production is high. When we wake up in the morning the production of melatonin drops off. This hormonal disorder can cause changes in the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.

These changes can make the vagina and cervical mucus look and smell different. It has been speculated that this is responsible for some of the cancers that have been linked to melatonin.



In women, melatonin is known to help with mood swings, especially in the morning. The reason for this is because melatonin is an anti-depressant drug.

Although it is effective in treating depression, some antidepressants, including Monet, have been known to be unsafe in pregnant women, leading to long-term melatonin side effects of use in women. Some antidepressants have been known to cause fetal abnormalities.


Some of the most common and frequently complained about side effects after using this supplement include:

  • Drowsiness and weakness during the day
  • Minor headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Mood swing
  • Term depression
  • In addition to mild side effects, there are some more serious risks of side effects and you need to be more aware of them.


More serious side effects of melatonin supplements include:

Bleeding disorders

This supplement can increase the risk of bleeding, such as bruises and bruises. Especially if previously you already have a history of disorders or bleeding problems.


Severe depression

In certain cases, the use of this supplement can even make the symptoms of depression worse.


Increased blood sugar levels

People with diabetes should be extra careful when using this supplement. Because this supplement can increase blood sugar in diabetics. It is good, always monitor and check your blood sugar periodically before or after using this hormone supplement.


High blood pressure

If you are using hypertensive medications, carelessly taking melatonin hormone supplements without your doctor’s knowledge can further increase your blood pressure.



When used excessively, this supplement may increase the risk of seizures.


Not everyone experiences the side effects mentioned above. There might be some side effects not mentioned previously. In case you have questions about particular side effects, ask your health care provider or pharmacist.


Melatonin Drug Warnings and Cautions

What should be known before using melatonin supplements?

Before using this supplement, there are several things you need to know and do, including:

  • Tell your doctor and pharmacist if you have an allergy to melatonin.
  • Let your doctor and pharmacist know if you have diabetes.
  • Let your doctor and pharmacist know if you have depression.
  • Tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are bleeding or have a blood clotting disorder, such as hemophilia.
  • Tell your doctor and pharmacist if you have low blood pressure or high blood pressure.
  • Let your doctor and pharmacist know if you have epilepsy or other nervous disorders.
  • Tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are taking medications to prevent rejection reactions to organ transplants.

Besides, this supplement also has side effects of drowsiness and dizziness. It is recommended that you do not drive or operate the machine until the effects of the drug are completely gone.

In essence, use this supplement as prescribed by the doctor. Do not hesitate to immediately check with the doctor if you feel strange or unusual symptoms.


Are melatonin supplements safe for pregnant and lactating mothers?

There is not yet adequate information about the safety of using this drug during pregnancy and lactation.

Always consult your doctor to consider the potential benefits and risks before using this medication.

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