Middle Ear Infection Tympanostomy Tube: And How Tubes are Inserted in Ears

How Many Ear Infections Before Tubes

How Many Ear Infections Before Tubes. If a child is suffering from at minimum four ear infections within 6 months or has experienced continuous fluid in the eardrum for a period of three months, an ear tube might be suggested by a doctor who is an ear, nose, and throat doctor (otolaryngologist).


Is The Ear Tube Surgery Safe?

The ear tube procedure is generally considered secure, with minimal risk just. It surgery is performed as an outpatient which means that, once the procedure has been successfully completed, patients can be allowed to return home. The procedure generally takes about 15 minutes. It can be performed when the patient is in local or general anesthesia.

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What to Expect After Ear Tube Surgery in Adults

While, as we stated earlier, ear tube surgery is believed to be safe in general However, there are some complications that are less likely to occur however we believe the need to be aware of them.

The following complications following an ear tube procedure are possible

Muffled Hearing After The Ear Tube Surgery

Hearing loss is a frequent side effect of middle ear infections itself. Hearing is distorted because there is an accumulation of fluid because of swelling or inflammation in the middle ear or the eardrum. It could take several days for the inserted tube to clear the fluid so that the hearing loss would disappear. Even if you didn’t have a problem with hearing loss prior to surgery the procedure, it’s very normal to experience it after the procedure is completed.

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Chronic Ear Drainage

Normally, once the tube has been placed it will take 2 days minimum for any excess fluid to be eliminated. Sometimes, however, due to a complication of the procedure, a patient might experience persistent ear drainage that lasts longer than four days.


An Ear Infection

However, even when the ear tubes are properly placed the ear infection can persist. This is a problem that is more often noticed to manifest in children than adults as it is children’s eat tubes that must be replaced from the time to the. This is typically when ear infections occur most.


Ears Feeling Clogged After The Tubes Are Placed

This is perhaps the most commonly occurring complication. Once the ear tubes are placed, patients may feel like their ears have become clogged. The problem is only temporary and is anticipated to be gone in the following days. The sensation is caused by the only existence of the ear canals.


Scarring Of The Eardrums

The procedure itself can cause it is possible to cause eardrum scarring, and also perforation could occur. The same can happen following the ear canals coming out in children. The scarring and perforation of the eardrums may be related to more serious issues.


Hearing Loss

Because of the perforation and scarring of the eardrums, a minor hearing loss may be a typical side effect. If the procedure is carried out with care this issue can be prevented.


Nausea Due To The Use Of General Anesthesia

If the surgeon chooses to go with general anesthesia, however, it is extremely unlikely as local anesthesia is often used to perform an ear tube procedure in the adult population, you can expect to be dizzy. It is possible that you’ll vomit several times, however, it is important to state that everything is in order.

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Because you’re likely to be home the next day following your procedure, your doctor will offer you some suggestions and guidelines. They may prescribe drops for the ear and/or antibiotics to avoid the previously mentioned issues.

In the course of activities such as swimming, running, and taking a bath, the ears will need to be secured with earplugs for the first few days. Keep a small amount of cotton in the ear to help absorb any discharge that is yellow or bloody which may develop after the procedure. Check whether you are suffering from any of these mentioned problems and notify your doctor when it is possible.


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