Natural Low Testosterone Treatment: And “Natural Way to Raise your Testosterone Levels”

Natural Low Testosterone Treatment

Talking about men’s health, of course, cannot be separated from the discussion about the hormone testosterone. This hormone plays many important and functional roles in men, specifically related to their sexual health. What if someone wants to do Natural Low Testosterone Treatment.

But what if someone has low testosterone? How to increase testosterone? Can it be controlled by food or pills? However, some people may wonder what does testosterone do, where is testosterone produced, what about testosterone levels, and how natural low testosterone treatment. You can collect such information only in Natural Low Testosterone Treatment: And “Natural Way to Raise your Testosterone Levels”


What is testosterone?

Testosterone is an important reproductive hormone and is commonly found in men. Women also have this hormone, but not as much as men.

A high level of androgens or male hormones like testosterone is the most prominent aspect of polycystic-ovary syndrome (PCOS) and is part of the diagnosis guidelines.

When men reach their teens or enter puberty, they will generally experience an increase in the production of the hormone testosterone. This hormone affects several physical changes in men, such as:

  • Growth of the penis and testes
  • Growth of beard, mustache, and pubic hair or other body parts
  • Shaping the characteristics of the sound
  • Build muscle and bone strength
  • Produce sperm
  • Generates sex drive (libido)

Production of this hormone will generally last until a man is around his 30s, after which it will then experience a decrease in production.

Most men can have normal testosterone levels, but there are conditions when the hormone is produced less or more than usual.

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What are the functions of the hormone testosterone?

This hormone has several important roles in the male body, especially with regard to the development of the reproductive system.

Similar to the hormone estrogen which has a function in the formation of female bones, testosterone or male hormones also have a function in the formation of bone density and muscle strength.

In addition, this hormone also has an important role in certain habits carried out by men. Below are various important functions of male hormones.


The system of endocrines

The endocrine system within the body contains a variety of glands that make hormones. The testosterone process can be initiated by the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus transmits signals for the pituitary the pituitary gland, regarding the amount of testosterone that the body requires. The signal is then transmitted to the testes, and the testes generate it.

In addition to the tests the hormone may also be made in the adrenal glands. However, the hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands only makes up one small portion. As men age the hormone plays a role in the development of the beard, voice as well as some hair on the body.


Reproductive system development

If fertilization is successful the hormone testosterone aids in the development of male genitalia inside the fetus. It occurs around seven weeks after conception.

As people age as they age, testosterone production rises. It is during this stage known as puberty when development and subsequent changes to the testes and penis begin. This is when male testes begin to produce sperm.

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If the testosterone level is low men are more likely have Erectile dysfunction. The high testosterone levels can also cause skin oily issues, hair loss and the testicles shrink.


Sexual arousal and physical changes

Since the age of adolescence, males are prone to sexual urges, or sexual desires. A higher production of testosterone causes men to experience physical changes to the penis, testes, as well as pubic hair.

Additionally the male body as well as muscles begin to develop because of the increase in the production of hormones. In this stage, men are able to experience sexual stimulation, and will even participate in sexual activities. Both of these activities can cause hormone levels to rise.

In addition to the physical changes, testosterone can also influence men’s fine hair growth on their body areas. Fine hair begins to develop in the feet, hands and armpits. It also often, it grows on the chest of males.


Bone and muscle growth

This hormone is also able to make the formation of bones and muscles. If in women a lack of estrogen can lead to the risk of osteoporosis, testosterone deficiency can cause bone density that is formed is not perfect.

In addition, some men can do hormone therapy to increase their physical prowess. But you need to know that the addition of this hormone can also affect the skin and breast enlargement in men. The effects on the skin can be in the form of irritation.

Testosterone is also useful for burning fat in the body’s metabolism. Lack of this hormone can make fat in the body increase.

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Formation of certain habits

Ever heard that men like to compete? Yes, it turns out that men’s competitive habits are influenced by testosterone levels themselves.

This hormone affects certain habits, such as those related to dominance and aggression. Men believe that winning the competition can make them more confident.

When a man loses and is less motivated, usually the male hormones produced at that time are low. Low hormones can also affect the lack of energy in men, so it often affects sleep disorders.


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