Nose Pin: (Nose Ring, Nose piercing) Side Effects, Risks, Aftercare, and Safety

Nose Pin

The use of jewelry to change appearance is common. Like piercing with the addition of a nose ring. Nose ring has many options such as black diamond, real gold and has been available in various online stores. Find out more about Nose Pin: (Nose Ring, Nose piercing ) Side Effects, Risks, Aftercare, and Safety in this article.


What does a nose ring mean?

The nose ring has symbolic significance in India, Africa, and some Muslim cultures. This culture has gained worldwide popularity. In the United States, nasal piercings can be seen as an act of rebellion against conservative values. Depending on the region where you live, the nose ring has different meanings such as the expression of cultural value or decoration to beautify the appearance.


Why are nose pins important in Indian culture?

Nose pins or nose rings have been part of the sign of marriage since time immemorial. This elegant jewelry is not only part of Indian tradition but also a worldwide favorite, representing things in different cultures.


What is Piercing?

Piercing is an action to pierce certain parts of the body and attach them with a type of earring.


How to do a nasal piercing?

Piercing is done by piercing the skin and cartilage on the nose. Nasal piercing should not be done carelessly. If done carelessly, wrongly in treatment, or negligent in cleaning it, it can result in infection, even dangerous complications.


Since when is this trend popular?

Nose piercings are not a contemporary trend that plagues today’s youth. This type of piercing has even been practiced since ancient times and is usually associated with religious customs, traditions, and rituals in certain cultures.

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Types of Nose Piercings

Many people do nose piercings to beautify their appearance, want to look cool, or practice local culture. Nasal piercing can be done in three places, namely the nasal cup, on the wall of the bulkhead (septum) between the two nostrils, and in the upper nose.

Piercing nasal cups

Many people choose to pierce one of their nasal cups. However, some pierce both. The average nasal piercing takes 2-4 months to heal.


Nasal bulkhead piercing (septum)

The nasal septum is a dividing wall that sits in the middle and separates the two nostrils. Nasal piercings in this part can be cured within 6-8 months.


Upper nasal piercings

This type of piercing is done by piercing the skin at the top of the nose, precisely between the eyes or eyebrows.

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