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Nose Pin: (Nose Ring, Nose piercing) Side Effects, Risks, Aftercare, and Safety

What are the risk factors that can occur after a nasal piercing?

Unlike piercings in the ear cups, nasal piercings have a variety of risks that you need to be aware of. Although beautifying the appearance, but nasal piercings can also be harmful to health. This is due to a large number of nerves and also the presence of cartilage in the nose.

Here are the dangers of nasal piercings to know:

Bleeding and Swelling

The first danger of nasal piercing is the onset of bleeding and swelling. This is common when the initial piercing of the swollen nose and nose will return to normal within a matter of days.


Wounds and Infections

The nose becomes prone to friction and is more easily infected. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of the area of the nose that has been pierced is very important.


Dead Tissue in the nose

Nasal piercing also has the potential to cause tissue damage to the pierced part causing necrosis or tissue loss. This condition could trigger other, more serious health problems. In addition to damaging the tissues in the nose, nasal piercings can also cause nerve damage.



This usually occurs due to a mismatch with the device used to pierce the nose. In addition to being allergic to the tools used, you can also be allergic to earrings or rings that you attach to your nose. Also, find out about Ring Worms Humans.



Risk of contracting various diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tetanus, to HIV. This can happen due to the use of piercing tools in turn without regard to sterile or not.

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Abscesses or also known as ulcers are also one of the side effects that often appear after performing nasal piercings. Its possible position in the nose can cause discomfort and pain every time you touch the nose.


Nasal Trauma

Nasal trauma symptoms range from mild to severe, including nosebleeds, pain around the nose, clear discharge, bruising in the eye area, swollen nose area, loss of smell, to difficulty breathing.

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Side effects of nose piercing

Before deciding to pierce the nose, it is worth considering the risks first. Nasal piercings on cartilage can cause:

  • Bleeding
  • The formation of blood clots and keloids on the nasal wall.
  • In addition, nasal piercings can also cause perichondritis and necrosis (death). When piercing in the nasal septum, necrosis can occur in the cartilage of the nasal wall.
  • If not done safely and hygienically, nasal piercings are at risk of transmitting hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes, or HIV viruses.
  • Bacterial infections can attack the brain, kidneys, heart, and spleen.
  • Not only that, nasal earrings can be a source of problems with nasal piercings. Earrings or rings can be sucked into the nose, switched places, removed, attracted, or even can not be removed. If so, surgical removal is needed to remove it.

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