Nose Pin: Real Gold, Crystal, Black Diamond, Traditional Indian Jewelry

Nose Pin

Nose pins are now one of the most popular jewelry around the world. Many women out there use this to enhance their appearance to make it look more attractive. It all depends on the choice, whether you want to use black diamonds, real gold, or something else. But you should know more about Nose Pin: Real Gold, Crystal, Black Diamond, Traditional Indian Jewelry, in this article.


What does a nose ring signify to a girl?

Different countries may place symbolic meaning on nose rings based upon their culture and traditional values. In the United States, the art of nasal piercing is considered an act of rebellion against so many conservative values.

Based on the fact that where you do piercing, will bring different meanings. But overall, it’s all about expressing cultural values, while adding appearance.

In South Africa, nasal piercings are performed by Beja and Berber only to display their entire wealth. They rightly think that the greater the jewelry of the nasal piercing, the more wealth they have to show others.


What does a nose ring mean to a man?

Similar to women, men wear nose rings to show wealth, accentuate a graceful and handsome appearance in the eyes of others. But more than that, nose rings have been used by men as a fashion style statement.

Generally, men like to wear metal or steel rings around their noses as well as ear piercings. In South Africa, nasal piercings are performed among men only to display their entire wealth.


What does nasal piercing mean on the left or right side?

So many men and women consider piercing their noses. Whether it’s on the right or the left, it still reflects your entire personality.

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The left side of the nose will release more feminine powers. It will show you how feminist you are and how much it likes the power of women to exist in society. The right side of the nasal piercing will release many masculine views.

It is believed that the right side of the nose can be pierced to reduce pain during childbirth. Western culture says that a man who has a piercing on his right nostril means he is gay, and a woman wearing one on her left signifies she is a lesbian.


What is an Indian nose ring?

In India, a nose ring is called Nath. This jewelry became popular around the 9th and 10th centuries. In addition, the nose ring is part of various symbols of a woman’s marital status, while displaying economic status.

For the king’s wives, ministers, and wealthy families, they wore naths made of pearls, sapphires, and Kundan. While ordinary people only wear jewelry made of silver.

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