Options for Periodontal Disease | And Types of Periodontal Surgery

Options for Periodontal Disease : Laser Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Options for Periodontal Disease : Laser Treatment for Periodontal Disease. Another Options for Periodontal Disease is laser treatment for people who suffer from periodontal disease. Lasers are a great option to treat gum disease. Laser therapy uses a thin fiber that is inserted into the space between gums and teeth. The laser’s energy is utilized to kill bacteria. The laser also stimulates surrounding tissues to speed up healing.

Laser treatments offer many benefits like the following:

Very little pain

No surgery is needed, meaning you don’t need to worry about post-surgical pain. A majority of patients report only minor discomfort.


A lesser amount of bleeding and inflammation

Lasers are precise and more effective at focusing on the source of infection. Healthy tissue isn’t affected, therefore the swelling and bleeding following the procedure are not as severe.


Fast treatment

Laser treatment is extremely minimally to the point of being invasive. There is no cutting involved which allows patients to heal fast.


Improved security

Traditional gum surgery has more risks. Laser treatments are safe for people who suffer from chronic health issues like HIV or diabetes.


You can keep the teeth

Laser surgery is a specific treatment. The dentist will concentrate on the removal of the diseased gum tissue as well as preventing damage to the healthy tissues. This will allow you to maintain your normal teeth.

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