Pain in Left Shoulder Chest | And How to Overcome Left Chest Pain

Pain in Left Shoulder Chest

Shoulder pain is a common complaint that many people feel. Usually, this condition appears after you lift heavy weights. However, don’t take shoulder pain for granted because it could be a sign that you have a heart attack. So, what kind of shoulder pain is related to heart disease (cardiovascular)? Find out more about Pain in Left Shoulder Chest, in the following article.

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Shoulder pain could be an indication of heart disease

If you often feel pain in the shoulder, you should not underestimate and ignore the pain. Because it could be that the pain is a sign of heart disease that you don’t know about. A 2016 study by the University of Utah School of Medicine looked at the relationship between shoulder pain and cardiovascular disease.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, invited 1226 factory workers who were examined for their health status and asked to fill out a questionnaire.

At the end of the study, 36 study participants reported experiencing severe shoulder pain and they were found to have 4.6 times higher risk of developing various heart diseases compared to those who did not suffer shoulder pain. Not only heart disease, shoulder pain is also known to be associated with the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol levels, and diabetes mellitus.

Unfortunately, researchers are not sure why shoulder pain is a sign of heart disease. However, they state that people who experience shoulder pain are more likely to experience impaired blood flow.

This abnormal blood flow will cause impaired heart function and ultimately increase the risk of heart disease.


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