Pansexual Definition and Symptoms: What is Pansexual?

Is it Possible I am a Pansexual?

Everyone needs to discover and recognize who they are, whether it’s about their gender or sexual orientation. By acknowledging it, one can continue to develop oneself and explore its potentials.

If you suspect you are a pansexual, there is no need to rush to label yourself or even deny this possibility. It takes time for a person to be able to understand and accept his/her identity.

Because, until now, experts have never been able to invent exactly what can establish an individual’s sexual orientation. Whether it’s genetic, environmental, a combination of the two, or something else.

pansexual definition and symptoms: what is pansexual?

Could you get Drawn to Various Genders in Various Ways?

Yes. You may End up sexually attracted to 1 sex and romantically attracted to a second. This is called “mixed-orientation” or “cross-orientation”.

For example, you can be bisexual but gay – meaning you’re sexually attracted to people of different genders, but you’re only romantically attracted to people of the same sex as you.

You’ll notice that this article focuses on bisexuality and pansexuality – i.e. sexual orientation.

However, there are several different romantic orientations, including:

  • You encounter little if any romantic attraction to anyone, irrespective of sex.
  • You’re romantically attracted to individuals of a couple of genders.
  • You’re romantically attracted to individuals of all sexes.
  • You rarely experience romantic attraction.
  • You rarely experience romantic attraction, and when you do so only after developing a strong emotional connection with someone.
  • You are only romantically attracted to people of different genders.
  • You are only romantically attracted to people of the same sex as you.
  • You’re romantically attracted to individuals of all – not all – genders.
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Things To Know About Pansexuals

Pansexual is a Relatively New Sexual Disorder

A psychologist says that people who have sexual orientation as pansexual do tend to be closed and do not want to admit the situation.

This condition has not been coupled with pansexuals that are still fairly new with symptoms that look as common as normal people who like others not out of love.


Pansexuals Are Not The Type of Cheaters

Often, a pansexual is considered a “cheater” because of his interest in almost everyone. A pansexual can still commit to one person only, just like a heterosexual and homosexual.


Pansexuals Shouldn’t Be Considered Wrong

Everyone certainly has their own identity, including where their sexual desires go. This is why it is so important for everyone to find out who he or she is and acknowledge what his sexual attraction is.

It is not easy to acknowledge the existence of sexual orientation that is considered unusual by the social environment. However, daring to be honest with yourself will prevent a pansexual from the dangers of prolonged stress and depression.

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