Smoked Turkey Breast Brine Recipe Honey

This soft, juicy, smoky and slightly sweet dish is smoked Turkey Breast Brine Recipe Honey which can conquer many people, only takes 4 hrs 20 mins.

This food is often served at night, with the cold weather will make it even more special. Dishes full of and delicacies are very popular from time in memo times.

What is Smoked Turkey Breast Brine Recipe Honey?

A Turkey Breast sprinkled with very melted honey, this type of recipe can make everyone addicted. Only a diligent person can make it.

Because in this recipe it takes a patient person to make it. In ancient times I was often invited to cook by grandmothers from childhood until now, and became a hobby that I liked.

And the first time I found Smoked Turkey Breast Brine Recipe Honey when I visited a restaurant, it was a unique food and I had to try it at home, it should be even better than what I eat now.

After I made it and it turned out to beat the taste that I once ate in the restaurant, it even became a mainstay menu in the family for evenings or other events.

But that’s not all I make but there’s a delicious and healthy dessert Coconut Macaroons Recipe Easy With Flour crispy and small ball-shaped.

It’s not about delicacy but the nutrition, I think about making food. Choosing Turkey Breast is the most appropriate choice for this recipe I made. It has good benefits for health.

Why in this recipe should use turkey meat?

Since turkey is a type of poultry that is usually processed into a very delicious meal has a taste, and a texture similar to chicken meat. But in America, it is often used as a dish in thanksgiving celebrations.

And the turkey has a greater amount of nutrients than the chicken. That is rich in proteins, sources of vitamins, minerals, B vitamins, and omega-3s, it is all nutrients that the body needs to support a variety of health including maintenance and muscle growth.

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Benefits of turkey for health:

Help lose weight

For weight, loss turkeys may be better, since it tends to have fewer amounts of fat. Different parts contain different caloric values, while all turkeys are almost carb-free.

High in protein

Protein is important for the maintenance and growth of muscles, this will give structure to cells and help transport nutrients throughout the body. The benefits of turkey can be a healthier alternative than others.

Increase immunity

Turkey meat consists of the amino acid tryptophan, which produces serotonin which is good for the body. These compounds play an important role in strengthening our immune system. Potassium, selenium, and the proteins it contains are good for building up the immune system.

Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter synthesized in serotonergic neurons in the central nervous system and enterochromaffin cells in the digestive tract.

Good for diabetics

Turkeys are enough to help keep insulin levels stable after eating, as they contain protein.

Rich in B vitamins

Vitamin B3 is essential for efficient energy production and cell communication. And vitamin B6 supports the formation of amino acids and helps produce neurotransmitters.

Prevent stress

The amino acid tryptophan is one of the turkey bladders, which can help support healthy serotonin levels in the body and good mood.

Those are some of the benefits of turkey for health that I know of.

Materials I use:

  • Turkey breast without the skin
  • Brown sugar
  • Honey
  • Kosher salt

How to cut Turkey Breast and apply it?

For this recipe I use two techniques namely:

Step 1

Cut the tail end of the Turkey Breast into triangles, use it also for other recipes, and smoke thick parts.

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Step 2

With salt is to cure Turkey Breast, that is what became my secret in making this recipe.

To smoke Turkey Breast requires saltwater, while other ways of using salt and osmosis to change the properties of the protein in turkey meat, swell with salty moisture that traps more liquid in turkey meat.

By the time we cook it, it will get the cause of the heat loss of moisture that is not melted. There’s been a lot of moisture in the salty turkey meat since the beginning so it stays juicy.

I use it for the equalization of brine it isn’t. Because this is dry salting, that is by weighing Turkey Breast in grams and then weighing 1.5% of the weight of sea salt. The added little brown sugar into it mixes so evenly.

You can keep Turkey Breast in the closet for 1 week, it won’t affect being saltier. And unlike the way, others make to preserve a Turkey Breast.

If it is finished you need to dry turkey breast to form pellicles on its surface. The so-called pellicle is a thin layer of protein that is changed in nature to be slightly dry and sticky.

This smoke will stick to the Turkey Breast much better than putting it in a wet state into the suction device.

Step 3

I rubbed Turkey Breast with something sweet, namely honey because to make the perfect combination of Turkey Breast, sweet, salty, and smoky.

Step 4

For smoking, I use this cherry wood, as always on your preferences about smoke. Or it can also replace it with another.

Here are some different ways to use smoking

Smoked turkey breast recipes smoker

The way that might be a little different, I like electric smokers and almost everyone uses it. It’s quite traditional not everyone can get it.

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Smoked turkey breast recipes smoker

If you like smoked turkey meat, it depends on your taste. Because not everyone should like the way I make it. Just prepare the smoke at 275 degrees, and if the smoker is heating prepare Turkey Breast and mixes all the spices.

Smoked turkey breast prep

Turkey breast smoke is not only for Thanksgiving celebrations but any day we can serve it after marinated, in a few hours to cook it. Even the preparation to make it takes a long time.

Smoked turkey breast prep

For the preparation process alone you need 13 hours and cooking turkey breast enough about 2 hours 30 minutes only produce 6 servings. It’s been a while in the preparation process, but it’s going to satisfy us at the end of the day.

Smoked turkey breast loin

This same recipe with Smoked Turkey Breast Brine Honey Recipe may be slightly different in the selection of ingredients used. We can choose different parts of the turkey.

It will not reduce the taste of delicacy and the nutritional content in it. Choosing different parts of the turkey will create a variety that you might be able to follow. Because the content contained in it is all the same.

A dish with little use of different, softness, taste, and anything else will be the same if we use the same seasoning.

It will be different to add or subtract one of the spices, but it is only different in the selection of the turkey part that will not affect everything.

Serve a smoked turkey filled with honey on top, perfectly on the dinner table at night.


  • Suction tool
  • Bowl
  • Spoon

Ingredients Smoked Turkey Breast Brine Recipe

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Smoked Turkey Breast Brine Recipe

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