Swerve Sweetener: Is It a Safe Sugar Substitute for diabetic? and Safe For Children?

Are Swerve Sweeteners Safe?

To understand the safety profile, we must examine each material.


Erythritol is the main ingredient in Swerve sweeteners. I started trying to find the positive and negative impacts of erythritol, but research is generally positive.

In a study looking at pre-diabetes, daily doses of erythritol for two weeks did not affect blood glucose levels.

In addition, unlike natural sugars, erythritol seems to have a positive impact on dental health. Studies indicate that it inhibits harmful germs and reduces plaque – much more than xylitol.

And most importantly, toxicity and carcinogenicity tests on erythritol show that it is very safe for humans.

Studies testing high doses of consumption show no adverse gastrointestinal response. Furthermore, long-term animal studies show no signs of tumor triggering effects.


Oligosaccharides (Inulin)

The overall study of inulin seems to be very positive.

Daily inulin supplementation over 16 days increases the diversity of the human gut microbiota. Also, randomized controlled trials showed that inulin improved inflammation, intestinal permeability, and overall gut health.

Inulin may also promise to reduce insulin levels. At a double-blind, randomized controlled trial, participants supplementing inulin in 10g daily had significantly decreased fasting glucose levels.

Other studies have also shown that inulin had a significant effect on decreasing fasting glucose levels in 44 subjects with prediabetes.

Of course, this dosage is much higher than you would find in some servings of Swerve sweeteners. However, they show that oligosaccharides are beneficial to health rather than something that causes concern.


Natural Taste

As mentioned earlier, ‘natural flavors’ can include hundreds of different ingredients.

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Therefore, it is difficult to know exactly what is contained in this ‘natural taste’.

Swerve Sweetener: Is It a Safe Sugar Substitute for diabetic? and Safe For Children?

Swerve Sweetener: Is It a Safe Sugar Substitute for diabetics? and Safe For Children?

Swerve and Type 2 Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes are some of the greatest consumers of low carb sweeteners.

Therefore, it is important to know what effect Swerve has on blood glucose and insulin levels.

As shown when discussing various ingredients, there is nothing in Swerve that seems to adversely affect blood sugar.

It turns out that these ingredients can lower fasting glucose levels.

But, it’s very important to be aware that anyone with diabetes must always talk about dietary modifications with their healthcare team.

For one thing, using Swerve instead of sugar may require an existing dose of the drug (such as insulin) to be lowered.


Is Swerve Safe For Kids?

Unfortunately, there is nothing specific in the literature on the safety of materials in Swerve for children. However, there is also no reason why it should cause damage.

In the end, kids and adults aren’t as different biologically. In addition, the FDA will not allow cake products to be sold if they are explicitly harmful to children.

Keep in mind that children are young, and this means their digestive system is also small.

As a result, any digestive sensitivity to erythritol will be “felt” at lower doses than adults would experience.

If a child shows discomfort after trying foods containing Swerve, then its use should be discontinued.

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