Swerve Sweetener: Is It a Safe Sugar Substitute for diabetic? and Safe For Children?

Is Swerve Good or Bad For Your Health?

Well, sugar is one of the worst ingredients in the modern diet, and Swerve is certainly a great substitute.

However, I wouldn’t specifically call it ‘healthy.’

Nonetheless, Swerve’s security profile is relatively good, and there are no prominent concerns.

Overall, it doesn’t hurt to use it for the occasional sweet snack.

But it is best to always base the diet on nutrient-dense whole foods.

For more on sweeteners, see this guide to Best Sweetener for Diabetics Reviews.


Swerve sweetener reviews and critics


Reviewed in the United States in 2015 quoted from amazon

Swerve is ketogenic friendly! We loved the Swerve! Our daughter went on a Ketogenic diet (grams of very low carbohydrates per day – 20 or less for her) for health reasons. He had brain cancer and all cancers lived off glucose.

We thought if we could remove cancer from her glucose, it might not be too aggressive (hers is a very aggressive and inoperable type). The body’s cells can function very well in proteins and fats, but not in cancer cells.

So, she was still with us for over 2 years and was fine (her tumor was even a little shrinking), but she missed candy a lot.

Swerve allowed me to make ice cream for her, which she LIKED, and other low-carb desserts like coconut macaroni. The system remains good in ketosis (as tested with paper strips for diabetics), making it very safe for diabetics to use.



Reviewed in the United States in 2018 quoted from amazon

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This got me SWERVE to the bathroom. I’ve tried many sweeteners in my time – Stevia, Splenda, Sweet ‘n Low, etc. – and have never had a problem with any of them (other than hoping it tastes EXACTLY like sugar).

I had heard and read good things about Swerve when I started the Keto diet. While it may work well for some people, and I have no problem with its taste or ability to dissolve, I do have gastrointestinal problems with it.

I had severe diarrhea in a very short time after swallowing it. It happened on the first day I tried. I wanted to give it a second chance, so I had another coffee on the second day.

Bam! It was like I was preparing a colonoscopy. Unfortunately, since I was cheap, I had to throw away the whole bag. My advice – see if you can try the sample before investing in this. You don’t.

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