Tmj and Braces | And How & When Can Braces Cause TMJ Issues?

Other Factors You may be Experiencing TMJ

Among the factors that TMD is such a frustrating issue for both clients and experts alike is that there’s no one cause for this sometimes incapacitating problem. For instance, reasons for TMJ can range from something as simple as clenching your jaw to degenerative joint inflammation or cancer cells. When you talk with your orthodontist about your steel dental braces in Rexburg triggering TMJ, he or she will probably ask if you also have skills in any one of the following common reasons for TMJ conditions:



Yes, also daily stress can figure in TMJ conditions and discomfort. If you experience stress that could be considered high-stress: stress because of continuous problems at the office, monetary concerns, responsibilities, or various other significant life issues, You may be more at risk for some forms of jaw discomfort. Stress can also cause many individuals to hold stress throughout their whole body, consisting of their jaw.



Certain habits and certain positions can also number right into TMJ discomfort. Habits, such as chewing on pens, attacking your nails, or chewing on periodontal (which you should not be doing while wearing Rexburg ceramic braces), can put unneeded stress on the jaw muscle mass and joints. Similarly, bad position and neck strain can also cause stress in this field of the body.

Another common habits that’s seen with many clients who experience TMD is Bruxism. Bruxism describes the problem where individual grinds, gnash, or clench their teeth throughout the evening or also throughout the day. If you do have bruxism speak with the Rexburg orthodontics group at Randall Orthodontics to be equipped with evening protection to maintain you from grinding your teeth or to discuss various other therapy options that may be available.

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Health Changes

Changes in your health and wellness or lifestyle can also impact your jaw. Questions you might consider asking on your own if your health and wellness or lifestyle has changed recently and currently TMJ discomfort appears to be affecting your life greater than ever are:

  • Have you quit cigarette smoking cigarettes?
  • Are you taking a brand-new medication as recommended by your doctor?
  • Do you experience stress and anxiousness or stress, identified or otherwise?
  • Have you been identified with a persistent disease?
  • Do you have an autoimmune or neuromuscular illness?
  • Do you experience sleeping disorders or tiredness?
  • Do you have regular migraines or extreme migraines?
  • Have you recently changed to a diet that requires you to either eat more or eat harder foods?


Tmj and Braces | How & When Can Braces Cause TMJ Issues?

Tmj and Braces | How & When Can Braces Cause TMJ Issues? Closeup picture of young terrified woman lady scared at the dental professional visit, sitting in chair, covering her mouth

Before we find out how and in what circumstances dental braces can contribute to TMJ problems, it is important to keep in mind that TMJ is a multifactorial problem, meaning that there’s no one solitary cause that outcomes in TMJ discomfort or TMD. Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at how Rexburg ceramic dental braces could contribute to aggravating TMJ problems.

Dental braces are designed to straighten teeth and align malocclusions (misaligned attacks). No matter the kinds of dental braces you choose, invisible trays, ceramic, steel, or clear dental braces in Rexburg, having dental braces equipped for your mouth will cause some strain on the joints and muscle mass of the mouth and jaw.

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This stress produced by the dental braces in purchase to move your teeth and align your attack can sometimes produce a discrepancy between the lower and top jaws, thus annoying the temporomandibular joint.

If you’ve never had TMJ discomfort and begin to experience TMJ signs once your dental braces get on, you need to talk with your Rexburg orthodontics expert instantly. Keep in mind: When you first obtain dental braces equipped or readjusted, you might experience some discomfort and also migraines that prevail amongst most clients.

Both of these signs are also signs of TMJ. If the discomfort and migraines last greater than a couple of days, you might be experiencing TMJ problems instead compared to simply the normal discomfort associated with obtaining dental braces put on or changed.

Discuss your options with your orthodontist, one of the most ideal services may be that the dental braces simply need to be readjusted to decrease the stress from the jaw. This can be finished with all forms of Rexburg dental braces.

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