Tmj and Braces | And How & When Can Braces Cause TMJ Issues?

Braces messed up my jaw

The tension generated by braces to shift the teeth, and align them with your bite could sometimes create unbalance between your lower and the upper jaws irritating the temporomandibular joint.


Braces for tmj treatment

Braces for tmj treatment. Braces are among the most commonly used and efficient treatment options of TMJ. If TMJ is the result of issues in your bite, straightening the teeth of your mouth and aligning them using braces may be the solution. The treatment of orthodontics can alter the way you align your teeth to one another on both jaws, alleviating pain from TMJ.


Diagnostics of TMD

While all of us “have TMJ” because it’s an anatomical joint only a tiny percentage of patients have the clinical signs of TMJ dysfunction. Invisalign or orthodontic treatment could be a component of the future treatment program, but a proper diagnosis is required before that.

Usually, a family doctor or dental surgeon, generalist orthodontist, will diagnose TMJD. The diagnosis is made after the physical exam on the joint, and probably a series of scans, X-rays, and CT scans. The images will show any structural problems inside that are associated with physical symptoms that you might be suffering from. It is important to identify any structural problems such as bone degeneration or even fractures in the jaw within the jaw itself. Orthodontists are unable to detect these kinds of problems during a standard exam for visual orthodontics.

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Besides knowing about Tmj and Braces, also know other information such as, Tooth Infection Spread to Lungs Symptoms.


Extra Treatment Options for TMD Management

Non-pharmacologic Treatment and Management

The following measures of adjunctive treatment have been proven to be effective treatments:

  • Jaw rest
  • Soft diet
  • Compresses that are warm and moist
  • Exercises for stretching passively
  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Biofeedback


Will insurance cover braces for tmj

While some health insurance policies do not cover braces for TMJ the treatment is not without controversy. Braces for TMJ don’t work well and frequently result in the condition getting worse. There isn’t any clear advantage for the patient.


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