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Tooth Gems: Looks Beautiful But Dangerous

Tooth gems: looks beautiful but dangerous, The installation of diamonds in teeth or diamond teeth has become a trend among celebrities, especially hip hop singers in the United States. This dental gem is one form of dental repair that is done more for aesthetic reasons or as a new form of jewelry.

Diamond-encrusted slabs are fitted with a special glue that is usually temporary, but some also attach diamonds by first wearing a dental crown so that they are more permanent.

The dentists themselves include the installation of diamonds in these teeth as a grills procedure. This procedure also includes the manufacture of crowns of gold and silver teeth.

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In the United States, the installation of diamonds in these teeth on average requires you to spend up to thousands of dollars, it also does not include the cost of treatment of diamond teeth that are also not cheap. No wonder then that many people take cheaper shortcuts by attaching their imitation diamonds to their teeth.

Of course, this method is not the recommended procedure for installing diamond teeth, especially if you use any glue. Instead of making your teeth sparkle, this diamond installation will cause permanent damage to your teeth.

Although it costs a little, the installation of diamonds in temporary teeth is very simple because it only involves diamonds and special glue. More complicated procedures are performed when you want more permanent results.

On permanent dental diamonds, the doctor will first thin the top or front of your teeth, then attach implants or crowns made of silver or even titanium. After that, you have to wait about a month for the crown to become solid, only then diamonds are installed in the area.

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Diamonds in the teeth are only cosmetic, but the installation must still be done by a competent dentist. Otherwise, it is not unlikely that you will experience a variety of health problems that can attack the teeth.

What is a Tooth Gem?

A tooth gem is a small gem about 0.4 to 0.9 millimeters thick and up to 3 millimeters long. Dental jewelry attaches to the teeth with special glue.

Tooth Gems are available in a wide variety of designs. Sometimes, people choose imitation diamonds, crystals, gold, or designs with initials and other fun symbols.

Are teeth gems for men or women?

Gems of teeth can be used by anyone, a variety of unique and different designs become the attraction of a person to use them.

At what age can I use gems of teeth?

For the safety and convenience of users, I apply only to those aged 18 years and above.

How Do You Apply Gems to My Teeth?

Putting gems or jewels on your teeth is a simple procedure. We apply gems to the enamel in the front teeth of your choice. You can choose the style and color of your gems.

Your practitioner will apply the ornament using unique and non-toxic dental glue. The dentist will then use UV light to attach the adhesive and keep the gems securely attached.

Does wearing a gem of a tooth hurt?

Not all of them. The procedure is similar to attaching an orthodontic bracket to the teeth. No drilling is involved, and the procedure is painless at all.

Are Tooth Gems Safe? Will a Tooth Gem Damage My Teeth?

Not. Our dental gem procedure is 100% safe. The removal process is the same as removing the metal brace, which is a standard and uncomplicated procedure.

Gems are also safe for teeth, leaving no gaps. No bacteria can seep underneath.

How long does the application procedure last?

To apply it takes about 10 minutes.

Is Pulling Teeth In Children Dangerous? And How To Pull Tooth In Children? Most people still think pulling teeth is not a difficult thing to do alone at home. No exception for parents who decide to remove their own children’s teeth without the help of a doctor.

What glue do you use for gem teeth?

They are just as important for cleaning teeth as any other material they may encounter. So I usually take those little old ladies to the dentist and show her how to gently push the teeth with my fingernails (without damaging them of course!) and apply a thin coat of enamel-colored glue to cover and close the edges.

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Then I left it for a little bit and went toothbrush again. That’s all there is to it. But how do you know when to use this type of glue? Many dentists say it is best used before the final filling of the tooth is done. If done at the end of charging, it can cause some sensitivity.

Tooth Gems

I’ve heard people use glue on the gum that surrounds the stuffing. I’ve even seen it used in a child’s mouth! The best way to apply it is to use a clean white tissue paper towel or gauze and remove parts of the gum before applying the glue. Be careful not to touch any gum tissue to other objects as it will transfer oil to the gum tissue.

What glue do you use for dental stuffing? Glue works very well to fill the middle area of cavities or broken teeth. Be sure and check with your dental office to make sure that the glue you are using is FDA-approved for use in this area. Otherwise, just avoid stuffing those teeth for a while and wait until you can get your supplies.

Will I feel the crystals in my teeth?

Trebbia gems are very small in diameter (1.7-5mm).

At first, there’s something in your teeth that will feel different, but a few days after the app you’ll get used to that new feeling.

How long will that gem stick in my teeth?

The age of your gem is never guaranteed; many variables affect it, especially your dental hygiene habits. Dental gems usually last a minimum of 6 months but can last a lifetime with proper care.

How do I remove a gem when I no longer want it?

If you choose to part with your dental gems before the time runs out, the dentist can easily remove them. The teeth will be rubbed and polished to remove the remaining binders.

Will the gems of teeth damage my teeth?

If properly attached to the original tooth, it will not damage or harm your teeth in any way. Therefore, gems should only be placed on the original teeth.

Do dental gems block regular brushing?

No, its existence will not make any difference regarding dental hygiene.

However, it is advisable not to use an electric toothbrush for the first 24 hours after the gem is applied.

Do dental gems block regular brushing?

No, its existence will not make any difference regarding dental hygiene.

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However, it is advisable not to use an electric toothbrush for the first 24 hours after the gem is applied.

The dangers of installing diamond teeth

Until now there have been no studies showing that the installation of teeth diamonds can harm dental health in the long run. However, there is one study that states that the installation of diamonds in these teeth can still result in problems with the teeth, such as:

Plaque buildup

Plaque is a sticky layer on the teeth that forms after you eat or drink sweet or floury. Plaque can be home to a variety of bacteria that can damage tooth enamel.

When plaque is not cleaned frequently and has a build-up, gingivitis aka inflammation of the gums can cause swelling or sometimes bleeding. If this condition is left protracted, the bacteria will continue to pierce the inside of the tooth until it damages the root of the tooth.

Dental articulation disorders

Tooth articulation is friction that occurs between the upper and lower teeth when they are either moving or in the middle position. The installation of diamonds in the teeth that do not fit will certainly interfere with this articulation so that you will feel discomfort.

Knowing the side effects you may experience when installing diamonds in your teeth is crucial. Talk to your dentist about these negative effects before deciding to perform the grills procedure.

Tips for caring for diamond teeth

If you are good at installing diamond teeth, you should clean your teeth more carefully to avoid toothache. Because the installation of diamonds in the teeth increases the risk of food waste tucked between the teeth and diamonds.

The dentist will usually inform you of the procedure of treatment of teeth that have been fitted with diamonds. But broadly speaking, here’s what you should do:

  • If you choose a diamond tooth that is not permanent, remove it from the tooth before eating and reattach it after you clean the teeth.
  • Make sure you always clean the diamond before it is attached to your teeth to make sure it’s free of bacteria or food waste.
  • Use a diamond cleaner that is safe if ingested.

One of the early signs of bacterial buildup in your teeth is bad breath. If you have a complaint after putting diamonds in your teeth, such as your teeth become sore or articulated, check with your doctor.


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