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Unique Kitten Names By Color: Best evergreen

Sometimes giving a name to a beloved cat is often confusing and quite difficult, especially for people who have just kept a cat. In this article, you will find Unique Kitten Names By Color: Best evergreen.

Have you ever noticed the name of a cat around you? Do they determine the color in giving a name to the cat? Or do they name cats using the language of the region where they come from?

Giving a name to a cat is not as difficult as you might think, because you only need to recognize the physical traits and personality forms. Besides, you can also see where the history of the cats you care for comes from.

There’s a lot of name inspiration for cats that you can use in giving them names. You can name cats by fur or you can also name them by using familiar cute cat names. Want to know more? Let’s take a look at the list of names for cats that you can inspire in naming your pet cat.


Unique Kitten Names By Color: Best evergreen

The easiest first way to determine a name for your beloved cat is to base the color on the fur, for examples, such as the White, the Black, the Brown, and many others.

If you want a name for a more modern and up-to-date cat, then you can see the list below:


In general, people who keep striped or striped cats give it the name of the Striped. Maybe it doesn’t matter if you want to name it The Stripe too.

However, you can choose to give a name with a modern and contemporary impression if you are interested.

One example of cute cat names striped for your pet is Patch. The name is derived from English meaning stripes. This name is perfect for those of you who keep striped cats.



If you’re looking for a name for a reddish-brown female cat, then ginger’s name can be an alternative. Most, fur animals named Ginger tend to have a fur color similar to ginger.

Perhaps you are a person who feels confused what does brownish red have to do with ginger that tends to be yellow? However, after seeing the color of the flowers on the reddish ginger, you will only be able to realize the connection between the two.



There are so many choices of names for cute cats that you can use if your cat is black. One example is Shadow, name of this cute cat is name that comes from the English language, has the meaning of shadow.

You also know, dark shadows always follow you everywhere when exposed to sunlight. So does your pet cat who always follows wherever your feet go.

Cats that are dark in color (in addition to black) are also suitable to use the name Shadow. Examples such as gray.



If you have a cat that happens to be clean white with no other shades, several names are suitable for your pet cat, one of which is Shiro.

The word Shiro is a name derived from Japanese and has the meaning of white or palace. So it would be perfect given to your spoiled and white pet cat.


Cat name for male and its meaning


The name is suitable for all kinds of cats, small cats, and large cats. Generally, the name tiger is used for cats that have orange fur or that have skin motifs such as tigers.



The word max is Latin for the meaning of long spring. Cats that have this name are usually characterized like to be petted, pampered, and love to play.



Cats that have good character and faithful are suitable to be named Bailey. Bailey himself means guardian of trust. Usually, cats with that name are cats that are obedient and easy to train.



The owner of the name is generally a jolly type of cat. Most cats with this name are interbreeding cats. However, the name jack could be used for cats with pure mating results. The word Jack itself means forgiveness or a gift from God.



Leo’s name is synonymous with the name of the lion. However, this name is also suitable for the name of a male cat that is thick and long-haired. Leo means cute little lion, the name comes from Latin.


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Unique Kitten Names By Color: Best evergreen

Cat names for women and their meanings


Surely you also feel familiar with the name of this cat. Kitty’s name is indeed a familiar name used by people.

In general, a kitty tends to show sweetness, have a petite body, and also beautiful. The name is a Word of Greek origin that has the meaning of glamour.



Molly is a name very similar to the name of one type of ornamental fish. However, this name is also suitable for female cats that have a soft, sweet, and trustworthy character. The word molly is a name derived from Hebrew which means dream child.



Oliver or ollie is a perfect name for your cat. Especially if your pet cat is beautiful and cute. Oliver’s name means Elf army or a symbol of peace derived from french.



If you have a female cat with a sweet and quiet character, then it is suitable to be named missy. The word missy itself comes from the Greek language which has the meaning of soft speech.



Sophie means civility. The name is a Greek word. In general, this name is used for female cats who have creative traits, like being friendly with humans and also like to play.


Some Cat Body Language That Indicates Liking You

The cat that sticks his head on you

Headbutting, or the movement of sticking the head to a part of the body is the language of love for cats. This body movement is a method of communication of cats in showing affection for other creatures. By attaching and rubbing parts of his body to you, the cat recognizes you as one of his friends.


The tip of the tail appears twitching or coiled at your feet

The cat’s tail hints a lot about its mood. if the cat’s tail stands up straight and swings, it shows that it feels confident and happy with your presence. If a cat’s tail is coiled around your feet or hands, it also signifies affection or indicates that he or she considers you to be his friend.


Shows his stomach

If a cat shows you its belly, it’s a sign that this four-legged animal believes you. This body language indicates that your cat feels safe and comfortable open with you. If a cat stretches its muscles next to you and rolls around you, it means it also feels your affection.

But on the other hand, this body language also indicates that cats are submissive or defensive because when they feel cornered. So if a stray cat shows you his belly, it’s a 50% chance he’ll scratch you when you try to wipe his stomach.


Make a snoring sound

Ever heard your cat snoring from his throat? That means the cat is happy with your presence. In fact, according to experts, cats only snore for humans they like. This animal will not secrete its snoring for other cats, other than in their children.


Bring you a gift.

If a cat comes to you with something, like a dead rat, frog, insect, or trash, don’t panic! It was a gift from him because he felt comfortable and safe with you.

Although the things he brought were not a gift for you, he took them to a place where he felt comfortable. That is, your cat considers you his home.


Bite you a lot.

One of the signs of a cat’s affection for humans is its habit of biting. However, it’s not biting that hurts you, yes. According to experts, a cat will sometimes gently bite the creature it likes.

This bite won’t hurt you. So if your cat makes your hands or feet a toy for him to chew, that’s a sign he loves you!

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