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Weight of Average Firefly | All about Firefly

There are many wonders to see in the animal world, one of which is the twinkling of fireflies. It’s a singular experience, like a handful of dwarf stars thrown from the sky, falling floating between grass and thorns.  Did you know the Weight of Average Firefly | All about Firefly?

What are fireflies? The types of animals belonging to the bug group scientific name for firefly, the order of taxon levels in classifications ranging from the highest level to the lower Lampyridae level, illuminate in the underground regions, whose light is as bright as firelikers.


Do fireflies belong to the bug species?

Yes, it is, because fireflies are unique insects, because of their ability to produce light. Firefly species belong to the family Lampyridae which is an order of Coleoptera namely Lightning bug Or Glowworms.


How many types of fireflies are there?

Fireflies are many species, it is estimated that there are more than 2,000 species in the world. The light is useful to attract the attention of the opposite sex and make food. There are even some types of fireflies that are cannibals.


Do fireflies come from the nails of the dead?

Fireflies are often regarded as romantically carrying animals due to the twinkling of light on their tails, which are considered the nails of the dead and the incarnation of the devil.


Are fireflies toxic to humans?

Fireflies not only look beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. When the predator attacks, it will process the “reflex bleeding”. They shed blood containing bitter chemicals toxic to vertebrates, including lizards and some birds.


What is the size of a firefly?

Fireflies have an elongated body, length ranging from 4.5-20 mm, soft body, pronotum extends to the front above the head, so that the head appears wide seen from above, the eyes are hidden when viewed from above, the last abdomen tarsi 5-5-5.


Where can we see fireflies?

Firefly tourism is growing in several countries including Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, and India


Why Are Fireflies Glowing?

During certain seasons, we will find many fireflies in the yard. You must be amazed to see the beautiful light that the insect emits. However, some of you must be curious and ask, “why are fireflies glowing?”



Light in the stomach of fireflies comes from substances, such as oxygen, calcium, magnesium, and a natural chemical called luciferin. When mixed, the chemical will react inside the firefly’s stomach and produce light.


Cold Light

Light on fireflies includes “cold light” since chemical reactions that occur in fireflies do not produce heat. Light in fireflies is also fairly efficient because all the energy used turns into light.


Adding Oxygen

Oxygen is one of the important ingredients in the manufacture of firefly light. If there is oxygen, firefly light will appear. But, if there is no oxygen, neither firefly light will appear.


No Lungs

The lungs are organs that serve to take air for our body. But, insects do not have lungs. Then, how do fireflies take oxygen to produce light?

As it turns out, fireflies take oxygen from outside their bodies using small tubes called tracheoles.


Why do fireflies fly at night?

The light emitted by fireflies comes from the lower abdomen. This light is produced by phagocytes that emit a greenish-yellow glow. Because they are insects that can emit clearly visible light at night.


How long do fireflies live?

Not only the body of an adult firefly can only develop up to 2.5 cm in size but its lifespan is also short. They live in the wild can only survive a maximum of about 2 months.


How much weight of average firefly?

The brightness of the sun is 3.8 ×1028 lumens, so with a simple division, it will take 3 ×1031 that the fireflies emit the same amount of light. That’s a very small number, adult fireflies weigh about 20 milligrams, which means 3 ×1031 fireflies will only weigh about a third of Jupiter and 1/3000 of the Sun.


weight of average firefly | all about firefly


The function of light in fireflies and insects

In other words, fireflies turn on their lights in search of romance. As a word, the male fireflies turn on the lights to attract the attention of the female. While female fireflies respond to the signal by turning on their lights.

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Facts All about Firefly

They include beetles, not flies

Fireflies are nocturnal animals of the Lampyridae, a family of insects in the order of the Coleoptera beetle, or winged beetle. yes, they’re really beetles. The family name Lampyridae comes from the Greek “lampein”, which means to shine, like a lamp.


They’re reliable alchemists.

Fireflies don’t really turn base metals into gold like alchemists, but they create light as if by magic. When chemicals called luciferin in their stomach/tail are combined with oxygen, calcium, and adenosine triphosphate, chemical reactions occur and produce spectacular light.


Firefly the genius of light

The light produced by fireflies is the most efficient light ever created. Almost 100% of the energy in chemical reactions is emitted as light; by comparison, incandescent bulbs emit only 10% of the energy as light, the other 90% is lost as heat.


They’re eccentric teasers.

Each species has a specific pattern of light winks. Male fireflies use this routine to allow females of the very same species understand they will be appropriate for one another.

When a female sees a suitable suitor, she answers with her own specific twinkle. Female fireflies may also use wink information to decide which males to marry.


The Color of Their Lights Like Rainbows

Well, it may not be the whole spectrum of rainbows, but the color of their lights varies between yellow, bright red, green, and orange


They illuminate the underground world

While it is true that many larvae of insects live underground, baby fireflies defeat them with the division of tricks, some species emit underground light. Among some species, even the eggs glow.


They have a Strange Diet

Contrary to the depiction in the storybook that cute baby fireflies bite on flowers, larvae living underground are carnivorous and feasting on spores preying on slimy snails, earthworms, and snails.

Once they grow, some turn to cannibalism and eat other fireflies, but some eat pollen and nectar, and some do not eat at all during their short lives.

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