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Weight Of Average Flea: How To Get Rid of Head Lice

Weight Of Average Flea

Head lice are small animals that live on the scalp and cause itching. The medical term this disease is pediculosis capitis. Do you know how much Weight Of Average flea: How To Get Rid of Head Lice? Learn more to understand them all.

Fleas are not only found in humans but in cats, dogs also have fleas. However, the weigh, height, and yellow color set it apart.


Head lice come from?

This happens from contact with the head of another person who has head lice. However, the public opinion is different, that the scalp is poorly clean, or infected by animals.


Who can lice?

This disorder only occurs in humans and is contagious. Head lice generally attack children at school age, but it does not rule out adults who live together.


What will people who have head lice feel?

A person who contracts head lice will feel itching on the scalp, ears, and neck. This is due to his saliva which can cause allergic reactions.


Characteristics of head lice:

  • Fleas have 6 legs
  • The size is only the size of sesame seeds
  • Has the same color as the hair


Can head lice disappear on their own?

Head lice cannot disappear on their own, because even those that are dead will leave the eggs and hatch and then grow up. And he kept on reproducing to produce offspring in large numbers.

This cycle continues to spin, so that head lice do not disappear on their own if left without treatment.


How do head lice multiply?

The way lice multiply is by biting or sucking blood. So, during this process, there is saliva attached to the head and causes itching.


What are the consequences of head lice?

Increasing the number of lice can make itching worse and increase the risk of infection or eczema on the scalp. Also makes contagion higher.


How long do head lice live outside the head?

Lice develop into Nymph taking 9-12 days, then survive outside the head after maturing for 3-4 weeks.

Not only head lice have a small body but how much Weight Of Average Bug will explain about the shape, size, and consequences if exposed to the animal.


Are head lice edible?

Yes, it is true, lice can be eaten as a liver medicine that is consumed directly or using other foods.


How many lice eggs per egg lay?

The eggs have a size of about 1 mm and each female head lice can lay eggs about 24-48 hours after fertilization by the male.

In a day, female head lice can lay eggs 2.4 – 5 times and the total is about 70 eggs a week.

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