What Can Cause Chest Pain other than Heart | And Various effective ways to overcome chest pain

What Can Cause Chest Pain other than Heart

The reason behind chest pain does not always result in coronary heart problems. The pain in the chest that originates from the heart is unique to the heart and has distinct characteristics. Chest pain caused due to heart issues occurs when cardiovascular circulation is diminished to the point it is that the oxygen (O2) intake is reduced. Did you know, What Can Cause Chest Pain other than Heart, find the full explanation in the following article.

The decreased flow of blood to the heart may be due to narrowed coronary vessels or clogging by fat deposits. This is typically the case for those with high cholesterol.

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So, let’s look at the full review of What Can Cause Chest Pain other than Heart, below.


How is chest pain generally felt?

In simple terms, chest pain is pain that appears around the chest. The pain can be felt around the middle chest, left, or right. Chest pain causes different symptoms in each person and this also depends on the underlying cause.

The pain is described as being like a small pinprick around the chest. There is also a feeling of pressure, tightness, and fullness, or a burning sensation in the chest. This pain can radiate to the neck, jaw, lower back, the arms.

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This condition lasts more than a few minutes, even hours. Sometimes it gets worse if you continue to do activities. It may also get better and go away on its own or when you stop activities.

When chest pain, other symptoms that may accompany, include:

  • Hard to breathe.
  • The body sweats profusely.
  • The head feels dizzy and the body becomes weak.
  • Your stomach feels queasy and you may experience vomiting.
  • A sour taste in the mouth or food that has been swallowed returns to the mouth.
  • Difficulty swallowing food.
  • The pain in your chest gets worse when you change position, take a breath, or when you cough.

If you experience the above symptoms, going to the doctor is the best course of action to deal with it. Moreover, if the condition occurs due to serious health problems.


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