What Causes Chest Pain When Coughing | And What is Pneumonia

What Causes Chest Pain When Coughing

Coughing is a natural reflex to protect the airways from harmful particles. A persistent cough is a common symptom of disorders in the respiratory system. When you cough constantly, you may also experience chest pain. Actually, What Causes Chest Pain When Coughing. Find out more in the following article.

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What Causes Chest Pain When Coughing : Common causes of chest pain when coughing

What Causes Chest Pain When Coughing : Common causes of chest pain when coughing. When you feel pain in your chest when coughing, you should not panic and worry. Especially if you conclude that this is a sign of a serious illness. Chest pain when coughing is a common condition, and is usually not a serious condition.

This pain is very common because the cough reflex directly compresses the lower respiratory tract and lungs. Usually, the chest will feel more painful when coughing hard or difficult to control.

For example, if you have a dry cough due to an allergic reaction, you may also feel a stinging sensation in your throat and chest pain. However, the pain will lessen as the cough subsides.

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Chest pain that you feel when you cough is caused by the rapid movement of muscles in the chest and abdomen to push air and foreign substances out of the airways. Under normal conditions, this movement is not dangerous, in fact it is very effective in clearing the respiratory tract so that breathing becomes smoother.

Chest pain from coughing can be severe. If the pain continues to worsen even after your cough stops, it can make it difficult for you even to breathe. Your chest pain and cough could be more serious than the common cold or flu.


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