What Doctor to See for Achilles Tendon Pain | And Does physical therapy help achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendon injury signs & symptoms

The most common symptoms of an Achilles tendon injury are:

  • Pain in the leg that appears suddenly, it feels like the back of the calf has been kicked.
  • The pain gets worse when you are actively moving.
  • Swelling at the back of the foot, between the calf and heel.
  • Difficulty walking, especially when climbing stairs or walking uphill.
  • Difficulty lifting toes.
  • There is a sound like a crack or a fracture in the leg that has a tendon injury.
  • Achilles tendon that feels stiff when getting up from a lying position.
  • Pain in the tendon area after exercise.
  • Tendons become thicker.
  • There is a protruding bone on the heel.

Other symptoms or signs might not be listed above. If you are concerned about the symptoms of an Achilles tendon injury, consult your doctor immediately.


Achilles Tendon Pain When Walking

Achilles tendon pain while walking can result from injuries or excessive use and causes the tendon to break. This is known as rupture, and it’s more common among those who engage in sports that require sprinting, jumping, or sudden shifts in direction.


Sore achilles tendon in the morning

Pain in the heel in the morning could be due to a problem such as Achilles tendinitis. It could also be caused by an injury such as a stress fracture. The pain in the heel can be managed with home treatments like rest and ice. If your pain is severe, a physician or podiatrist will be able to diagnose the symptoms and suggest treatment.

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Causes of Achilles tendon injury

Injury to this muscle-tendon can occur for several reasons, including:


Tendonitis is a tendon problem that occurs as a result of overuse of the tendon, or damage to the tendon. This can cause pain in the back of the foot and around the heel.

You may notice that a tendon has become thicker or tougher and stiffer as a result of tendonitis. This condition will certainly get worse if not addressed immediately.


Torn tendon

The presence of torn tendon tissue can cause more severe damage to the tendon. The tendon tissue may be partially or even completely torn. When you experience it, you certainly need medical treatment.

Falling from a height or having a certain accident, can cause the Achilles tendon to tear. In addition, some medications, such as quinolone antibiotics, may increase the risk of this condition.

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