What Doctor to See for Achilles Tendon Pain | And Does physical therapy help achilles tendonitis


Usually, surgery to treat an Achilles tendon injury involves making an incision in the back of the lower leg and then stitching the torn tendon back together.

Actually, this condition depends on the condition of the tissue that is torn, because the process can be strengthened by the presence of other tendons.

Complications that may occur from the surgical procedure include infection and nerve damage. Minimally invasive procedures reduce infection rates compared to open procedures.



After undergoing one of the selected types of treatment, you are advised to follow physical exercises to strengthen the leg muscles and the Achilles tendon. Most people who experience this condition will have the same strength as before after 4-6 months later.

However, it is important to continue to undergo physical exercise to maintain the strength and stability of the muscles and tendons afterward so as not to experience muscle weakness or other muscle problems.

There is also functional rehabilitation, which is a type of rehabilitation that focuses on the coordination of body parts and how the body moves. The purpose of this rehabilitation is to restore the body’s fitness as usual.

Rehabilitation carried out, after undergoing treatment can also increase the progress of the treatment process itself.


Achilles tendon injury complications

Achilles tendon injuries can also cause several complications, including:

  • The pain is likely to get worse every day.
  • Difficulty walking or not being able to move actively.
  • Tendons are torn as a result of repeated injuries.

There are also complications that occur even after you undergo treatment for this condition, such as:

  • Torn tendon after cortisone drug injection.
  • There is pain and infection that occurs after undergoing the surgical procedure.
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To avoid these various types of complications, get checked immediately if you feel certain symptoms related to this condition. Delaying treatment increases your risk of developing unwanted complications.

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