What does an Ingrown Hair Look Like: And “Can you Pop a Ingrown Hair Cyst”

What does an Ingrown Hair Look Like

Today many people are shaving, waxing, or other methods to remove hair around the body. However, be aware that doing so has repercussions for the skin. One of them is ingrown hair. Ingrown hair usually occurs because of new hair that grows and curls inward. The sharp ends of the hair will pierce the skin and grow inward. In general, this condition occurs in curly hair types. So, do you know What does an Ingrown Hair Look Like.

In the article What does an Ingrown Hair Look Like, you will get to know more about ingrown hair which usually appears on vag, on your leg, or even in the groin area. You must also be curious about do ingrown hairs go away, and how about ingrown hair removal. Don’t worry about Ingrown hair bump either, because you will find out by just listening to What does an Ingrown Hair Look Like below.


Get to know about Ingrown Hair

Ingrowth hairs or ingrown hairs can turn into cysts or large lumps on the surface of the skin. This condition commonly occurs in people who shave, wax and use other methods of hair removal.

At first, when experiencing hair ingrowth, you will feel a small bump like a pimple and red on the surface of the skin that is often shaved. When the ingrown hair doesn’t go away within a few days, the lump will get bigger and turn white in color.

In general, ingrown hairs occur in vulnerable areas, such as the armpits, face, head, neck, legs, and pubic area. Some people who experience this will throw it away so that there are no more lumps around the surface of the skin. However, keep in mind that when removing it should pay attention to signs of infection.

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Causes of Ingrown Hair

Under normal conditions, hair should grow from hair follicles located in the skin layer. The tips of these hairs normally grow out through the skin. However, in ingrown hairs, the ends of the hair get trapped and grow inside the follicle.

Ingrown hairs can be caused by the following conditions:


How to shave improper hair

Shaving while pulling or stretching the skin can cause the remaining hair shaft to sink beneath the surface of the skin. Pulling out hair using tweezers or waxing can also leave excess hair beneath the surface of the skin.

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