What does Ringworm Look Like on a Cat: And What can I do to prevent other pets from getting infected?

What can be done to treat ringworm?

Ringworm symptoms will disappear in healthy adult cats in several weeks with no treatment Treatment is generally recommended due to the risk it poses for other pets as well as humans. Ringworm can be treated using antifungal drugs like ketoconazole, griseofulvin, or itraconazole, as recommended by your veterinarian.

Cutting your cat’s hair (using scissors, which reduces the trauma to the skin) could reduce the chance of spreading the disease. Your vet might suggest applying an enilconazole or chlorhexidine dip or shampoo once a week for 6-10 weeks or until brushings show no evidence of the culture.

Protective clothing and gloves should be worn to stop spreading infection while taking care of your cat.

If one cat of the household is identified with ringworm, then all species (including humans) should be examined for indications of disease. It could be necessary to treat any contact with pets and cats with the administration of oral medications as well as applying a topical treatment directly on the skin and hair.

The treatment should be continued for two weeks after lesions have vanished up to the point that two tests taken one week apart show no evidence of fungal culture.


What can I do to prevent other pets from getting infected?

Infected animals must be kept separate and kept in a single room to prevent contamination from other rooms in the house. Don’t groom animals with a fever until the treatment is complete. Hair and scale contamination is reduced through cleaning up contaminated areas and bedding for pets. Vacuum bags need to be cleaned by using fire.

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Floors, worktops and litter bowls, litter trays, and cages need to be disinfected every week at least with a 1:10 dilute of bleach from the household and left to dry prior to allowing pets access to the same areas again. Disposable towels should be used to clean and grooming equipment needs to be disinfected.

You may also need information about Are Mums Poisonous To Cats. Sometimes, cats often play with plants around the house, and they don’t know whether the plants are poisonous or not.


What does ringworm appear like on people?

In most people, ringworm begins as a reddish, scaly area of skin. The skin lesions may be dry or itchy and then, they could appear to resemble rings or a set of rings. Lesions on the skin can appear raised, with bumpy borders that surround the scaly central. If lesions appear in hairy areas of the skin, then hair loss can occur, generally in an angular pattern. If you experience any skin lesions, then you must consult a physician since human lesions need to be treated in a timely manner.


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