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What is a baby guinea pig called?: Animal Care

Guinea Pig is a domestic rodent that many people like to keep at home. They have a very funny look and can show feelings to humans. In some cases, the newborn Guinea Pig can be eaten by its mother. Therefore, the importance of overseeing the birth of Guinea Pig. You can find out what is a baby guinea pig called?: Animal Care.


What is a baby guinea pig called?

Guinea pig babies are referred to as Pups. The name pups are reminiscent of a puppy. However, Guinea Pig belongs to the family of rodent species that the Cavies breed. When growing up, guinea pig males are called Boars, while females are called Sows.

No time limit can determine Guinea Pig ceases to be Pups. However, most people consider it for 4 weeks, when they reach sexual maturity.


What does Baby Guinea Pig look like?

Baby Guinea Pig was born precocial. This means they were born and already have teeth and fur. In addition, they can also see, hear and move. The average baby Guinea Pig has 2-4 stretchers, weighing 70-115 grams. Puppies from small stretchers are usually larger than puppies from large stretchers.


How many Babies does a Guinea Pig have?

There are many small animals such as rats and rabbits, having a good reputation as prolific breeders, including Guinea Pig. This small animal is quite fertile. Guinea Pig stretchers can have up to 8 children. But generally, she has two or three babies.


How Often Do Guinea Pigs Have Babies?

Guinea Pig can get pregnant all year round. However, spring is the peak for Guinean babies born. After birth, guinea pigs can get pregnant again in a few hours. Their gestation period lasts only 59-73 days. In theory, they are capable of giving birth to five or even six children in one year.

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What food should be given to baby Guinea Pigs?

Baby Guinea Pig can digest solid food, after a few hours of birth. Within 24 hours, they can begin to feed on grass, hay, as well as pellet feed like an adult Guinea. This may seem surprising to watch, but there’s nothing to worry about, as this is normal.

Although they can eat immediately, baby guinea pigs still need to suckle. They will usually look for milk every two hours. The process of breastfeeding the mother lasts for three to six weeks.

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what is a baby guinea pig called?: Animal Care

How are baby guinea pigs developing?

First Week

Guinea piglets are born very quickly. After delivery is established, all puppies are usually born within half an hour. They will start to squirm and move after being licked clean by their mother.


Week Two

In the second week, you won’t be able to miss how many baby guinea pigs have grown. You may be surprised by their busy and friendly behavior.

Guinea Pig children usually always wander around with curiosity about their world during this time. But their legs are still a bit clunky and sometimes like to suddenly drop away while exploring the environment. Guinea pigs are also famous communicators, and they begin to sound in infancy.


Week Three

The age of three weeks marks the earliest point at which pups stop breastfeeding from their mother. But many recommend that pups be weaned no later than 6 weeks.

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The age of weaning depends on several factors including:

  • Weight loss pups
  • Mother’s milk supply
  • Some siblings.

But usually, their mother will ban her baby from breastfeeding around week 3. Significantly, this is the age when pups begin to reach sexual maturity. This means that between the male and the mixed female, it is time to be separated to a new place to prevent unwanted pregnancy.


Week Four onwards

After one month of age, the body shape of a baby guinea pig somewhat resembles a Syrian hamster. They’ll usually chase each other, play, maybe even start popcorn.

Popcorning is a very descriptive term to describe the frenzied bursts of energetic jumps, bumps, and jumps like rabbits. They will also describe the behavior of different individuals.


How Long Do Guinea Pigs Stay With Their Mother?

At six weeks old, the baby guinea pig is fully weaned and has stopped breastfeeding from its mother. They have learned all the skills they need for self-reliance and are ready to leave the nest.

The age of six or seven weeks is the age at which most breeders will let Guinea Pig children move into a new home. It is also the youngest baby guinea pig to be in a pet store.


How to treat Guinea Pig?

Caring for a Newborn Guinea Pig

If you are trying to help a sow raise her offspring from birth, there are a few things to prepare, including:

  • Make sure the Guinea Pig Mother has clean health.
  • Buy a large cage to accommodate her and her baby.
  • During pregnancy, Guinea Pig will need more energy and vitamin C. You should make sure the hay does not run out. Don’t forget to offer more fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Change her bed every day before childbirth, especially when her children are young. Ammonia smoke from dirty beds can damage the lungs of pups. In addition, the bacteria can also infect Guinea Pig’s nipples while she is breastfeeding.
  • Once the Guinea Pig child is born, monitor them closely to ensure breastfeeding is carried out within 12 hours. Seek your vet’s advice if this is not the case.
  • Start offering them grated lettuce from the moment they are born.
  • Guinea Pigs children will understand many things. From how to form social bonds, to which foods are safe to eat, from the adult Guineas that live with them.
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Caring for a Seven-Week-Old Guinea Pig

If you keep a seven-week-old baby guinea pig, all you have to do is keep an eye on their weight regularly. They will continue to grow a few ounces until they turn one year old.

Always consult a veterinarian if the baby guinea pig is too small, or fails to develop. You can also try to bathe them. But, you have to wait at least until they are eight weeks old.


Does Guinea Pig eat her baby when it’s newborn?

Unfortunately yes. In some cases, the Guinea Pig eats their newborn child. This is both shocking and upsetting.

There are two biological reasons why a Guinea Pig can eat her baby at birth.


Guinea Pig’s lack of experience

An inexperienced female Guinea Pig may accidentally be able to damage her cubs with her teeth while trying to clean after birth. This is common when pups are born dead, or sick so they look limp.

Guinea Pig’s mother will try to clean the cubs, but when there is no movement, then she tries harder until it can damage the cub.



Even an experienced Guinea Pig mother may be forced to eat her cubs if she is severely malnourished. Remember this cannot be characterized by their very thin posture. If the diet does not contain enough essential vitamins and nutrients, Guinea Pig can still be malnourished.

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