What Is a Duvet Cover vs Comforter: What is Difference and Save

How much does a blanket cover cost?

Blankets can cost from $150 to more than $600, depending on the quality of the fabric, brand, and production tools. Hand-molded fabrics, embroidery, and more luxurious materials can push up prices. Size is also a factor, of course.


How do you install a cover blanket?

  • Place a flat blanket on your mattress.
  • Take the blanket cover and turn it over the inside.
  • Hold the top corner of the blanket and attach all three ties to the knot.
  • Turn the cover over on the blanket, so that it enters completely into the cover.
  • Attach the side binder and bottom fastener to the vertices.


Does the hotel use blankets or blankets?

Hotels usually use bed linen instead of blankets or duvets as the top layer of the bed.

what is a duvet cover vs comforter: What is Difference and Save

How to treat duvets

If the contents are synthetic

  • Duvets or quilts with synthetic contents are usually washable, but some domestic washing machines do not have a large enough capacity for duvets/quilts to rotate properly in tubes.
  • If your duvet or quilt can be put in the washing machine, use a gentle cycle with minimum stirring.
  • You can use regular rounds.
  • Once washed, make sure the duvet or quilt is completely dry and winded before use.
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If the contents of the goose feathers

  • See the label for how the duvet/quilt is handled with goose feathers as it may not be washable and must go through a dry-cleaning process.
  • If washable, wash gently using a detergent without enzymes
  • Once washed, make sure the duvet or quilt is completely dry and winded before use


If it is stained

  • Stains on duvets should be cleaned as soon as possible
  • If it contains bird feathers, stains should be isolated
  • Keep the fur away from stained areas, then handle the stain according to the type.


Duvet washing tips and tricks

In the modern bedding world, duvets and quilts are often included as a complement to bed covers. Duvets are quilt covers and are generally made from goose feather stuffing or synthetic. While the quilt is a blanket consisting of 3 layers, namely decorative parts (top), batting, and base.

Since both use soft ingredients, duvets and quilts should be washed especially. Here’s a handy trick:

  • For a queen size, duvets and quilts generally weigh a maximum of about 3 Kg, depending on the material used. Therefore before washing it, you should know the weight of both.
  • Do not put duvets and quilts together with another laundry. If your washing machine capacity is large enough and wants to add another laundry, you should choose bedding equipment, such as bed linen and pillowcases.
  • Wash duvets and quilts with soft detergent, minimal foam, and safe for bedding materials. Remember, the choice of detergent is very important in the treatment of duvets.
  • Use the washing mode of the bedding program with a short washing cycle. It is necessary to keep the material both soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Make sure the drying process of duvets and quilts is carried out to the maximum, without direct exposure to sunlight.

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